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Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles It’s as if they mingled a variety of poisons, causing the community to choke, drown the wolves, and turn black. Sheikh, my sheikh! Sheikh, my sheikh! Is my bala sheikh in good health? Cornelia. My sheikh was poisoned by the meal you brought. Babes! What a task! Cornelia, how could that be? Everything you come into contact with is tainted. Mari came first, and now it’s my father’s turn! I didn’t do it! What are your thoughts on the subject? The air you inhale next to you is tainted! Who! Whose responsibility is this? What kind of people do you hire? I didn’t do it! I didn’t even put my hand in my pocket. Lady Bala! Zehra, did you do it then?

Apart from the two of you, who else touched the soup?

I don’t have such a feature. I made the soup with Selcan, my mum. But I swear I didn’t do anything like that. Who would do this? You didn’t do it, and he didn’t do it; who would do it? My father has a lot of problems in his life! Who is in charge of this task? Honey, honey, honey. Honey, honey, honey! We don’t claim it came from you, sisters. On the other hand, the enemy appears in a variety of forms. Zehra woman, what’s up? Cornelia? Have you ever gone off the rails? – No. Zehra escorted her the rest of the way. He didn’t even reach out to shake anyone’s hand. Who planted the poison if you didn’t bring Zehra closer? Getaway of here! Go outside and ponder about who arrived and who left! Exit! You’d suppose Cornelia did it as well, wouldn’t you, Bala?

Episode 1 of the Haci Bayram Veli Series with Urdu Subtitles

Did he also do it to Mari? What is the mechanism behind this? Aygül, keep a watch on him. Who does he meet, and where does he go? It is vital to locate the person who owns the stump. – We’ll track it down. Bala, we’ll find it. Bala Hatun is a character who has joined the bad camp. Osman Bey should be made aware of the situation. Don’t worry, and we’ll track it down. Osman is putting together a game. Nikola, where is Gunduz’s grave? Is it true that Kosses set fire to it? The Kosses enjoy strutting their stuff. He should’ve grabbed Gündüz’s head and thrown it in front of Osman. They just stated that he had passed away. Okay, maybe Kosses exacted his vengeance in silence. Perhaps Day is still alive.

After all, it’s all a game: Arius’ master, Osman.

I’m not surprised by anything about him. However, an opponent he can’t see will pique his interest. Marriage is how lands, castles, and even cities change hands in the West. On the other hand, you will marry and become the ruler of two tribes, exactly like a westerner. Ivaz Bey and the late Umur Bey wanted a gentleman like me to rule their tribes. Isn’t that so? Mr. Barkin, is there a Destur? Husamettin, come on in. Sir, I have bad news for you. Tell me about the extension! Turgut Bey snatched this. In the castle, he also placed the banner of his clan. Turgut’s eyes grew dark, and he stood firm against Osman. I’m not going to let Turgut ruin my game because he’s enraged. After all, he’s blind.

Episode 2   

I’ll drown everyone who messes with my game in my darkness,

even if he’s Osman’s enemy! How did Barkn and Brahim Fakih get to know each other so well? The two words talked, and the faqih performed his marriage. He set up a toy and sat on the gentleman’s coat while he was out of the office. Malhun, who benefits from the disease? To Barkn, who wants to sit in the mail without dealing with other people. Sir, do you believe he did? So it’s a game. What about Selvi, for example? Is it also cypress? – We’ll figure it out. We’ll learn them all… My woman, you’ve done an excellent job; it’s stunning. It’s as if I’m eating honey instead of soup. My Cerkutay, bon appetit… Sir, bon appetit… My lady, o mashallah! How they pay attention to their men’s words. This is the completed Cerkutay. Is it okay if I bring another pot?

Aygül, the soup I consumed did not fill my dental cavity.

Let’s make and consume some meaty bulgur. Oh, you’ve done it before. Of course, the crazy girl is aware of her husband’s existence. Bay. Bay. This is avoided. – He’s devoid of anything! Since the evening, we haven’t eaten in the tent, and you, Cerkutay, haven’t left any food! Get up and plan what you’re going to do if you can’t get enough! Lets! I’m employed! Don’t forget to set the table! Ah! Do you ever find yourself pitying your husband? Would you be willing to keep a stone from me? A tablespoon of honey isn’t enough, and I told mother Selcan. Let Cerkutay deal with it now. Oh, you crazy chick! I could not attend this festival, but Mr. Turgut, I would like to reach an agreement with you.

Episode 1 of the Haci Bayram Veli Series with Urdu Subtitles

Mr. Turgut, I’m sorry. I’m not sure why I’d want to kill him. No, why had I waited so long to kill Mari? Please, Turgut! Please maintain your composure. Would I keep Mari alive if I had even the tiniest role in her death? Please. For the rest of your life, you will not utter his name. Mr. Turgut, you may proceed. At the very least, pay attention to what’s going on. I propose that negöl and I share the Harmankaya market. While you are using the negöl market, I guarantee you that neither your property nor your life will be assaulted or endangered.

Episode 1 of the Haci Bayram Veli Series with Urdu Subtitles

You don’t have a single doubt in your mind, so here it is. Both parties benefit greatly from shared market use. Naturally, once the safety of goods and lives is guaranteed, all traders will rush to our markets. If you, Kosses, agree to my terms, all of this will happen. If you follow my rules… negöl! While the Turkmens are at Osman’s mercy!

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