Haci Bayram Veli

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles Then what is our hurry? for example. this Pınar and its results met this Çetin this and this prisoner has left despite canceling the mission. President. Normally. this is not something I would do. This is not something I would normally do. This I think there is a serious and emotional closeness to their money. President web I thought you would like to know this from him and Aras I will not ask you two firstly.

this emotional relationship between them concerns you so much.

This is the second one. You don’t know that. Where did you get it? How does it sound? Did you know Ba? Of course. I know. When it came out. I was suspicious. Super London. do you say that all of your teammates are like that. or is it customary here to secretly turn behind the superiors or something like here Ah ah Gülcan I’m doing it in you You How are you? I went out to myself and I’ll buy something to eat. Do you want? No. I’m social Be my president. tell me. he hurt the space and met with Ceren. Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 16 Makkitv

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles

and finally, I found the vehicle he was riding in. The best news I got today is who is the car registered to The vehicle is registered to the name of the institution What is the rain in front of the house right now? Gürcan By the way. the staff of the institution l right now we will see it there in the rain. you are in contact with the other protection immediately. You contact Serdar. we need to intervene immediately. friends. we found the man. the staff of the institution. and at the moment. in front of the rain.

talk to me I know how those girls are guys

I don’t deliver I know thank you What a job you do is always beautiful Yıldırım You know it’s not just your job we need to be in coordination And I’ll show you what it means to have an operation in the middle of the demand That’s why you will do what I say it‘s done After I’m done. it’s completely yours. do it if you want. with both your daughter and your mother. how long will it take you, German? I don’t want to keep these men in the heart of Ankara t long one of mine is Serdar and Yağmur is not in the car this parking lot has changed car they might be we will find the rain we will bring this account this is

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 16 With Urdu Subtitles

She is very sn she Yes sir Zehra please calm down and calm down I’m trying it’s a very difficult situation you are right but don’t do anything wrong with anger Zehra what will you do if the slightest mistake will hurt the rain Zehra is alone. where are you going to find my daughter rum but now Yağmur None of us know where he is At least for now I know and at least I know who knows He was going We don’t know where the rain is. here’s Zehra I know At least I know who knows He said Call this Serdar why is this we have another sad problem I have this I know who you are this Sorry

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