ismizlar Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles

ismizlar Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

ismizlar Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles Osman, be careful; you’ll need me. What are your plans? What are your plans? Please come to me. Mr. Osman, you are not alone! What is the name of this woman? Malhun, Malhun! Malhun, Malhun! Gebertin! Enough is enough, sir! Gebertin! Tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, tekfur, Gencebey, Boran. Take a look at Bamsi, for example. Are you all right, Bamsi? Sons. My children, I’m OK. Shoot! The day of honor has arrived! My Lord, He spares no expense! We sought sanctuary with you. Get your coins now! Mr. Gündüz, please leave your pets alone. Wait! I told you to get it! Ah! Wait! Shh… Sir, have a good day. Good morning, Mr. Day! You download it.

Download! Bring a vehicle! Dundar Bey and the ladies accompany me. If somebody comes after me, I’ll kill them all! Bring a vehicle! Attack! Attack and eradicate them! What’s your name, babe? Do not smear the blood of the kaffara on your handkerchief. The referee’s blood has tainted nothing in our bodies: Osman Bey, the renowned Erturul Gazi’s son.

Sir. Sir! Is everything all right with you, sir? I’m perfectly fine.

Mr Bamsi, how are you doing? Sir, Gencebey drove me to the camp. Will we be following Nikola? We will take action even if what they say is a falsehood. In the camp, we will give the breath we take. I’ll accompany you as well. Girl, you still haven’t forgiven your name. Umur brain, Malhun girl, son of the red son. Togas, we had to go to extremes.

Our brainchild, huh? He sent me to you as a message.

I had no choice but to meet in this manner. Lets. Mr. Savc may have been caught in an ambush. It’s not the first time they’ve been caught in an ambush, and they know how to get out of it. Lets! Prosecutor, you will no longer be able to flee. I’ll complete your task here. Keep going, fearless. Surely, my Lord will assist me. We need to flee here and seek refuge in the cave. They are unable to enter the cave in the dead of night. Son. Lets. Father. My little girl. Is this something you’d like to see, father?

Patience is what God says. Targun! Allow it to go!

Selcan Hatun, no one can stop me! I said to you, “Leave it to you!” Stop! Don’t do that, aunt. Day, what are your thoughts? Can’t you see that his ladies have kidnapped Dundar? My Osman’s artifacts were seized. This game is no longer playable! Aunt! Isn’t it obvious that my aunt has enslaved our souls? Or do I come to a halt? Could you not do it? Lets! Quickly! Informally, Targun, you have no security. Lets! Flatyos! I intend to move. Soldiers must be killed! Come on, kid. Baysungur, come on.

They’re attempting to flee! Soldier, please follow me!

Are you content? Have you gotten your vengeance? How are you doing now, Türks Göktu? Please respond! The dog who is a traitor! Bala, what happened? Isn’t Osman the one who came to help you? Is he in deeper trouble? Both of you will die today. You will, however, be unable to see each other. My face will be the last thing you see. What did you think of it? Prosecutor! Cerkutay, my prosecutor, stayed behind. If we continue to wait in this manner,

Episode 19   

His self-sacrifice for us will be in vain.

Lets! I’m going to skin them if they do anything to him. Let’s go, Aygül! Cerkutay does not pass away. Come on, let’s go to the cave! Lets! Don’t flee, prosecutor; face your adversary like a brave warrior. Thank you, God. Are you all right? I’m all right, nephew, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right. They didn’t leave Bala, Gündüz; They are also in Osman’s chest. That’s correct, says, my nephew. They have the trunks, but you must first save Bala. Thank you for your kind words, Emmi. Come on, and you know you want to.

You’ll get to the camp via the Alps. Let’s go, Alps! We’re going to save the Bala girl.

Lets! Lets! Get down, get down, get down! I told you to hurry up! Lets! What kind of swing do you have? Please hurry! Leave! Bala, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, Shh… Leave! Walk. Take a look at the situation you’ve found yourself in. I pity you, I despise you, and I’m going to rip your cheesy face apart. So, Göktu, you’re going to watch this as well? It’s a delight. Bala, isn’t it true that there’s no purpose in existing if you can’t offer a son, an heir to the brain? Please hurry! Lets! Be quick. What a swing! Leave! Sir. Boran is a mountain range in Sweden. Göktuğ. My little brother! I had a feeling you’d pull it off, brother.

I knew Mr. Osman would not put you in jeopardy.

My name is Osman. Are you all right? Are you all right, Bala? I’m perfectly fine. So that’s how you’d die. Bala, my Bala. Sir. Sir! Brother! Sir, you were missed. Hell, no! Göktu… You made it happen. Non. The informal commanders will be under your direction. Longing appears to us once more.

Oh, my Lord. Until triumph, Brother. Until victory, that is. Thank you very much, sir. Bala chick, thank you. Göktu, may God bless you. Mr. Osman, Yaman was a toy. This game will go on indefinitely. Goktug

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