Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitels

Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles will be available on Makkitv as soon as possible. This rage will consume you and sap your strength. This rage is what keeps me going. And as long as the killer known as “Zafar” is alive, the rage inside me will not dissipate. To me, your mother is like a sister. But, as you know, this is neither the first nor the final testimony on this planet. I understand, sir. I only wanted to read his funeral eulogy… A martyr wears it. The winner, we’re doing our best. The helicopter search is still going on. Zafar is being sought by the intelligence team at every possible location. I’ll only say one thing to you.

Keep your emotions and wrath under control. Concentrate on justice rather than vengeance.

That is exactly what I will do, sir. I will decapitate this killer named Zafar. Remove all of the cables. In this country, the seeds of our fight for independence will germinate. I declare an autonomous government in this city under the commands and powers given to me by my organization. Our people will now free themselves from slavery’s shackles. Our people will now be liberated.

This city will have its separate governing system from now on.

This city’s tsunami of liberation will spread to other parts of the country. Those who do not want to be free and instead wish to be slaves of the Turkish government are traitors to the United States and will have to pay the price because there will be no military or police officers here. Subtitles in Urdu for Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 6 A student and a man was rushing to get home. Women who like to shop. Officers who follow orders. Bozan, Turkey’s capital, is the country’s beating heart.

Episode 7   

That’s why we chose to blow ourselves up here.

Is the vehicle ready to go? It’s a lovely automobile. I will be shattered. You’re going to the desert tonight. It’s fine to return to Ankara with the barren once the bomb is finished. We shall celebrate Zafar Karajakoy’s announcement of an independent government here in Ankara. Construction vehicles will be on display. If you like, they can provide drivers. It is not required. People from the mountains are capable of accomplishing anything. Subtitles in Urdu for Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 6 Okay, that’s alright. We will do our best to send food from our municipality during the siege.

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