Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

What happened so quickly? Please hurry up. Construction vehicles will be on display. If you like, they can provide drivers. It is not required. People from the mountains are capable of accomplishing anything. Okay, that’s alright. We will do our best to send food from our municipality during the siege. But only until the Governor intervened. Subtitles in Urdu for Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 7 Nazima, don’t worry about the Governor.

He’s running out of time!

Extremely Low Wakil Sahib wishes for our wonderful partnership to begin right now. And you know that the first step is to get the Governor and his cronies out of the way. Oljay Damir and Ahmed Akanji. The Governor’s right and left hands must begin with the current journalistic scenario. Lieutenant Oljay’s bed will include a list of people who have been killed. Your name is also inscribed on it. So you’re going to detain two of his men? But, Governor, what does it matter? Who is in charge of investigating all of these homicides?

  Episode 8   

Have you gone insane? There are search warrants in place.

I’m just going about my business. Please accept my apologies, sir. You’re going to have to depart empty-handed. Then I’ll tell you where you came from. Don’t put too much faith in yourself. A mother! Dad, Why are the cops looking into our house? It makes no difference, daughter. What happened, Dad?


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