Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 15 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 15 With Urdu Subtitles Allow me to tell you a tale. No ear can hear it, and no eye can see it. A story is about to conclude in the ashes of time—the tale of four cyclists on their way to an unknown destination. Four friends, four alone. There are four orphans. The first of the four passengers arrived. Khawaja Ahmad a pearl in the sea of wisdom. Then there’s Mahmoud, his devoted companion. Mahmoud has made it his life’s mission to become a devoted buddy. The old childhood friend who raised them both. I. Mansoor, son of Arsalan Bab and Great Darwish, wrestler Hamza.

Come after us, Mansoor. Alternatively, you may become disoriented here. We were all in charge.

Khawaja is one of them. I became a follower of Khawaja Ahmed after he departed this place when I was on my way out of the country where I was born. When I was seeking sanctuary in Pir Sultan Hamdani’s spiritual atmosphere. I never hesitated when going to a faraway area on the orders of Pir Hamdani,

And Khawaja Ahmed was in the driver’s seat. When Khwaja Ahmed is with you, you’re in good hands.

You don’t have any fear in your heart. And that’s how our story started. In other words, it’s time to break out the white paper and black ink. My writings explain a weird city called Baghdad, and we shall detail the strange events that occur there. Our experience has taught us a lot. It will be explained wisely, God willing. This is our tale. With Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 15 is the unsung account of Turkestan’s four dervishes.

Episode 16   

I’m Mansoor, Arsalan Bab’s son. Hamza is a wrestler.

Mahmood, Sadiq Dost, And then there’s Khawaja Ahmad. May Allah protect my pen and my words. In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious, well done, well Push, push, push. Excellent. Well done, well done, well, Don’t give up. You take it and conceal yourself behind it. Hello. Mansoor Jan, Thank you for your time. I hope you are doing well. What took place. The horse became frightened.

The horse then pushed the cart out of the way. One thing is certain:

We’re trying to fix something that’s broken. We’ll get it back on track after we’ve fixed it. I hope none of you was wounded. We’re fine, thank God. Do you want our assistance, teacher? What is permissible? Oh, such lovely horses! This little weight is tough for us to carry. You bear the weight of the world on your shoulders.

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