Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 19 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles, We don’t need horses to battle; we only need the two oba’s alps to get in and shed their blood. Osman’s banditry has excessively squeezed umur’s cerebral vein. We’ll finish our work in Söüt while they take care of each other. Helen will be finished when the calorie arrives. A Mongolian has come to see you, Sir. Who is it, exactly? With Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 19 He claimed he had news from Togay. Allow it to happen. Door! Blood was splattered around the wedding waggon, and Osman’s reputation was tarnished.

Some landlords are alleged to have failed to pay their taxes to the Seljuks.

Camuha, I don’t discuss politics with strangers. Even in the wedding ceremony, Ah Abdurrahman Gazi was a martyr. Abdurrahman Gazi, oh my. It is also my time. With Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 19, I want to be counted among the martyrs. What are your plans for the martyrs, Sir? I’m going to meet my Prophet. I’ll meet my Prophet first, followed by my brothers, Doan and Sir Erturul. After that, I’ll see my sons. I’ll see my Aybars, my Aslan, and my Hafza. Cerkutay is Cerkutay, and Cerkutay is Cerkutay.

One departs while another remains. Sir.

When a great man died in the past, individuals would be sacrificed in his honour so that they could be with you at all times. If you die, I’ll sacrifice all of your foes. That is not something we Muslims do, Cerkutay. We donate to charity, feed the hungry, and feed the needy so that the deceased’s souls would be blessed. My armour and Pusat are all I have with Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 19. Allow it to be, I’ll sell them, and then I’ll feed the needy. They also pray for you, Sir. What will I do with you, Cerkutay, Cerkutay, vote? You have a huge heart, son. You’ve got a big heart. What will you get if you buy the house? The image you see in front of you is of Geyhatu.

Episode 20   

Knowing that, pay attention to the words you’ll hear now.

The wedding caravan was devoid of Osman. The love of love has turned into a fantasy. Abdurrahman, the older man, perished as well. He supports hereditary heirlooms, which become part of the black earth. It’s now time for Umur’s brain to get obese. We didn’t speak to Togay in that manner. Why is there such a rush? Geyhatu commanded that we complete this task as soon as feasible. Then we seize Söüt and construct a massive headquarters for him. Willow?

You and your troops are both exhausted.

If you are a Geyhatu copy, I would like to extend a warm greeting to you. Show our visitors a place to rest and feed them a large meal, Commander Mikis. This task was not nice while we had Umur in our hands. Also missing is Togay. We will not be as strong as before if the Nikola Mongols seize Söüt and make it their headquarters. This will not be tolerated. How? As if Togay were here, I’ll sell Osman over the Mongols. Togay will not be able to build a headquarters in Söüt, nor will he be able to assault Umur when he returns. I enjoy creative manoeuvres.

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