Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles. These boxes also hold gifts from Turkish males who have visited my country. What exactly is this? Sultan Alaattin, who sat on this wonderful throne long before you, gave it to my father as a gift. Why would you offer me this priceless Sultan’s gift? The value of this gift is not based on the valuable stones. Sultan Alaattin has risen from the ashes of our state’s glory. I had hoped you would stay. You’ll always remember how big your state is if you preserve it: judge, Governor. So you’re Osman on your own?

Today, he is referred to as the sky.

The end of this task is not good because the Governor’s Judge has entered the Sultan’s chamber without support, but Boran is ready. This alpine is off-limits to us unless our brother drops ahead as much as the fingers on both hands. It should be siblings. With your attendance, you pay homage to Governor Judge. I have a few questions I’d want to ask Osman Bey. You agreed to become a province Today, but you assassinated my Ambassador. Mr. Osman, do you know how much this costs?

Mr. Osman, I’d like to study the basics of this situation.

They sent a sly serpent to act as Ambassador, and he tried to assassinate me with a blade he stashed in my tent. I felt deceived. My Sultan appears to have defeated and killed the Ambassador I sent to Today. Today is there, so ask him about it. I defended my partner’s honour and my own life as a bey. I was able to save his life while having to take his head. It’s not my business beyond that. Is it true that my messenger risked his life because he learned he wouldn’t be able to collect taxes from you? My Sultan, you know he will not shoot the messenger. What about the tax, what about the tax, what about the tax? Do you want me to come, or do you want me to stay?

Mr. Osman, will you spill your blood and take it with your life?

Well! If you refuse to pay your taxes, Osman Bey, my obligation is to take your life and property first. Do not make a decision that will lead you on the wrong route. Please do not abandon me when I am required to draw the blood of a noble intellect from my veins. I stated I was going to tell Osman something. Governor Judge, do you have anything to say? It’s probably best if I leave the fangs of the celestial referring to my neighbours at this point.

Episode 21   

Crush or not crush the heavenly ball’s head when it was small,

Governor Judge, Geyhatu’s command is clear. Tax gold first, then order. Giving away gold or placing an order is impossible. Mr. Osman, you saved your life with gold. Thank your Sultan for everything! Pay your tax as soon as possible. Judge. I haven’t paid my taxes yet, but I shall do it Today to my Sultan. I’m the Governor Judge, and I’m in charge of everything. I’m more worried about the timely payment of the tax that will reach my bank account than about the source of the tax.

If the tax isn’t collected, Sultan Mesut, I’ll have to ask you for the price.

Mr. Osman, do you have anything else to say? Sultan Alaattin’s dagger ended up in the wrong hands. My Sultan, if you don’t mind. – Mr. Osman, My Sultan, whatever has been said. Stay within us. The heart cannot say. Nonetheless, it is up to Allah’s choice after that. Sir. Let’s get down to business with the oba. Is there anything you can do, sir? Please come in. Nikola, please accept my greetings. What does Nikola have to say?

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