Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles

We must employ Urdu Subtitles with caution in Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 23. I can’t seem to get them to fire. And, as you can see, I already knew they couldn’t hit her. Set up spears. The fight will begin. Put an end to the reinforcements. They retreated to the second line of defence. We’re going to take a break! We’re withdrawing with Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 23 Online two! It should be blown up! Now! Now! – Trap! Is it true that they assault every night? – Not every night, of course. However, we are always prepared. What the unbelievers will do is unpredictable — seize the finish, brother.

It would be best if you made a promise to me.

You will bury me with the Turkish martyrs if I die in this conflict. I assure you, brother, you will not leave my body in the hands of the enemies because I am not a Muslim. I’m not going to do it. They can’t see what’s right in front of them. With Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 23 To stomp on that, you’d have to be a fool. Scissors. Your German is excellent. Do you have any other languages under your belt? I am bilingual (French and English). You are intelligent and well-educated.

I was taken aback to see you upfront.

It would be best if you had eaten your dinner on your porch. Sir, I was also taken aback by the many German officers stationed on the Ottoman front. In Berlin, you should have been enjoying your beer. Perhaps we wouldn’t be at war. Instruct them to transport the crates to the second trench. Copy as much as you can –Commander, they’re Sultania School kids. There were fifteen of them, but just two remained. Ismet, every damaged area must be fixed by the evening! We have a certain amount of time. Ismet, Ismet, Ismet, Ismet, Ismet, Ismet Ismet, my younger brother.

Take a look around! Medic! Is there no medical help?

Open your eyes, Ismet! Ismet! I adored Ismet and treated him as if he were a brother. He passed away in my arms. In your arms, no. He died in the country’s arms. He went on to become a martyr. With Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 23 We will not allow the enemy to trample on the country’s soil, which he and countless others have watered with their blood. This is my single and final order, even if it costs us our lives.

Episode 24   

Muhsin, how are you doing?

A sharpshooter approached our trenches, the distance was short, so I grabbed this from the unbelievers, thinking it may help us – Get some sleep, Lion. – Commanded by you, Commander – You addressed me as Commander. – Muhsin, please. This is a fantastic tool. Vuslagant. It has a large range. Muhsin, this is yours now. Thank you very much, Commander. Hunting will be your first mission in combat from now on. With this gun, you’ll go after higher-ranking enemy officers. However, do not squander ammunition.

Hello, my name is Muhsin. In the Balkans, we battled side by side.

You will now defend each other’s souls from now on. – Commander, I’m at your command. – Commander, I’m at your command. On your command, Commander, be so quiet and silent that the enemy has no idea where the death came from. – Commander, I’m at your command. Let me have a look at you, lions.

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