Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles, On the other hand, to win the attacks that we will launch. We must eliminate the enemy’s armament as quickly as feasible. Otherwise, the opponent will have an easy time moving ahead. And we’d have no chance of stopping them. You will immediately build a squad in my order. To infiltrate the enemy’s ranks. To totally deplete the arsenal’s stockpile, do this extremely time-consuming task.

What will they do with all of these weapons?

Didn’t you hear what I said, brother? Our warriors are prepared to assault – the time has come – which of you, Hassan from Bolkar, do you want to go first? – Is there anything for me, brother? Don’t get too worked up with Urdu Subtitles, Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 24. Captain Ibrahim Adil… in the command tent, waiting for you. He’s got something essential to say. – Thank you, sibling. – Please, don’t make me laugh. As a result, Brother Hassan, It’s time to bid farewell. Is it true that you’ve been released? No, brother, the Commander will undoubtedly assign you a mission. Carrying the boxes while you have such proficiency in archery will be a betrayal of the country – God is with you, brother. –

Brother, with all of us. I notice you’ve begun to utilize your hand.

This is beyond my comprehension. Will it always be this way? Hold on, and you’ll figure it out. What are you sculpting these days? – I wanted you to have something to remember me by. – Is it for me? Let me have a look. It’s not quite over. Allow me to finish it, and you’ll see what I mean. Okay. I made toys like this when I was younger, but the aggressive had grown up and no longer played with it; Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles. – Is Hassan, the father of another child? – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Hassan’s baby is his first child. We haven’t given him a name yet.

Episode 25   

They are expecting us to return. Then this might be the right fit for you.

On the day you arrived, they discovered him in the ambulance tent. Nurse, may God bless you. I’ve looked everywhere for this. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I’m occupied. In front of the tent, the medics are waiting. If you need, you can contact them, and they will respond. Behance, Nurse… Before she died, my wife, Asmaa, requested that we distribute all of her goods to the village’s destitute. This is all I saved. It is quite valuable to me. Thank you very much. Muhsin, thank you very much.

Commander, they will not abandon the riverbank.

At the top of the hill is a hill with a view of the arsenal. They must have installed a machine gun at the mouth of the creek. At this point – Commander, you gave me the order. With Urdu Subtitles – Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 24 Come on, Hassan, come on, come on, The sniper I mentioned has arrived, Commander. Get a little closer. Are you as good as your brother when it comes to shooting? Commander, I can’t be like him.

We’ve also never seen somebody like him before.

To wish for anything like this would be a dream come true. Is it painful when you do this? Whatever those infidels’ bullets did. – You will, without a sure, surpass it. – With God’s help. My lion, what’s the matter with you? – You’re strange. – Promise you’re not going to be mad. I told you this the last time you went to the water and hurt your knee. You recall that.

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