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Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Keiki Sniper Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Episode 1 of Keiki Sniper with Urdu Subtitles He is your senior. Mukhtar has issued a mobilisation order. You’re free to hang it. – What is the chronological order of the ages? – Between the years 1308 and 1312, he was born. What kind of flesh does it have that fertile? The fortunate creature. Grandma, it appeared larger when I photographed it. Come on, my hero, you can do it. Episode 1 of Keiki Sniper with Urdu Subtitles Tell me how you took down the deer once more. That’s how I got the gun off the ground. I looked to see which direction the wind was blowing from. After that, I pulled the trigger. But not all at once. Isn’t it simple, Dad? Please, eat this meat, daughter-in-law.

I’m not sure how I’d eat all of that meat.

You now have two souls. Is it possible for a big, bold boy to eat enough meat? How did you figure out he was a bold young man? Maybe a girl with a scaly looks like a shard of a moon. Is that correct, Hassan? I’ll be on the front lines in episode 1 of Keiki Sniper with Urdu Subtitles. An order to mobilize was issued. If God allows, I’ll be a passenger tomorrow morning. Anakkale is the destination. Eat as much as you want. Brother… Say something, my lion.

One day, you took me hunting. My father was still alive at the time.

The first time I aimed, I intended to shoot. But my heart wouldn’t let me; I couldn’t shoot it. I didn’t shoot the deer on purpose. Now that the conflict has begun… In any case. Greetings and good night. My wife, whose face I couldn’t get enough of. Suppose I abandoned my brother in the face of death and injustice. My sleep will be restricted, as will the water I consume. My sibling is immune to death.

Episode 2

Before anything comes into contact with me, I’d take it if it was meant to be that way.

I’d be made a martyr. Then I’ll be back with you. Let’s go if you say farewell. The clock is ticking. Please allow me to kiss your hand. – Give him your approval. – Congratulations. – My boy! – Dad! Dad! Father, You’ve just arrived. You’re departing once more. Crying isn’t your thing. Don’t weep. Lion, you are my life. Episode 1 of Keiki Sniper with Urdu Subtitles You understand that you are the man of the house until we return? If the attacker approaches our front door, my command to you is… To defend your grandmother’s sister-in-honour, the law’s you won’t blink.

– The honour or the residence.

Even though it will cost you your life- I swear! My lion, oh my lion! – Seyit, Ramadan’s kid, is his name. Recep’s son Muharrem. Okay, fine. Ahmed’s son, Hassan. Please proceed to this location. Ahmed’s son Muhsin. Sir, don’t spend your time. You haven’t completed the registration process. What brings you here? To work as a volunteer. I’ve fought in the Balkans before. I was released from the hospital. Physically, I’m in good shape. Hasan, Ahmad’s son, is my brother. Together, we’ll write our names. Let’s not go down in flames on the front lines. Enter.

You’ll act as a protective shield for them. My honourable brother Ekrem, you will not allow the enemy to chew up the homeland. Every day, the temperature rises.

At the front lines, we use the same terms. It becomes more difficult to carry out. As a human shield, we stood in front of the enemy. A complete tower of tents, firearms, and animals had been erected in front of us. We were well aware that the English were our adversaries. But there were blacks, whites, and Asian-eyed folks in front of us, all unified and standing. It’s not like we’re dealing with the British army.

It’s as if there’s a large army of crusaders on the scene.

But the most crucial aspect they are unaware of is the importance of faith and patriotism. Like the holy trust, are hidden in the chests of our warriors. Despite the tough circumstances, they would not get an inch of the home before all of our non-disabled men died.

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