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Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle

Keiki Sniper Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitle by Makkitv

Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle Furthermore, despite our limited capabilities, My faith in our ability to triumph has no bounds. As you know, Akram, this faith is not a pipe dream. You are defending this illustrious country. And success was my greatest wish while I was by your side. Brother, Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles But fate is unavoidable. I kiss you with all the longing in your dear eyes that you sacrificed for the country’s cause. Captain Ibrahim Adil, your friend. Hold on just a little longer,

With God’s help, we’ll make it to the front before dusk.

My lion, you’ll expect to be able to walk once you’re in the trench. – Are you in possession of a permit? – My hero, here it is. Uncle! Down, down, down! Down, down, down! What part of the Balkans were you in, brother? I was on the Macedonian side of the border. I was also in Bulgaria. We’re in the centre of hell, so don’t ask. – So, you said you’re expecting a child. – For the time being. For the best-case scenario. I have three. Episode 2 of Keiki Sniper with Urdu Subtitles

They’re all female. They kiss you on the hands.

– God will bless them. I did not see the birth of the third child. When she returned from the Balkans, she discovered that she had begun speaking and walking. From here, we’ll travel to her wedding. We are Albanians, and we don’t make it easy for girls. Stop! Stop! We’re not far from the front lines. The Sergeant Major will lead the soldiers. In episode 2 of Keiki Sniper with Urdu Subtitles, I’ll be accompanied by the nurses. I’ll be there immediately away. My life is owed to you. Thank you one more.

Episode 3

God gives life, and God takes it away, nurse; I was just a means to an end – may God bless you.

Is everything done here? – Every one of us. Please stand in line! Keep an eye out! – Muhsin? – Commander, yes! Isn’t it true that I released you from the Balkans? – Did you miss us or the war? I volunteered, Commander. So, thank you for your willingness. Thank you very much, Commander. Oh, good to see you again. Sergeant, please place our brave soldiers. Allow them to rest.

Commander, yes! Please follow me!

Was he one of your Balkan men, Commander? Oh, sure. Muhsin is a courageous individual. Very courageous. Is there anyone who has had surgery before? I worked as an assisting nurse in various surgeries. I’ve also worked with morphine and narcotics. Good. Nurse, please accompany me.

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