Keiki Sniper

Keiki Sniper Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle By Makkitv

Keiki Sniper Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitle By Makkitv

Keiki Sniper Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle By Makkitv could be a ruse. They might try to apprehend you. As he says, I’ll meet him alone. We’ll leave at daybreak the next day. You’ll accompany me to the Alps as well. As you wish, Makkitv’s Keiki Sniper Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle Bey, my Bey. Cerkutay, you’re stealing water from the Hatuns now? I require hot water. What is the explanation for this? The Alps do not inquire. Cerkutay. We will be sown like the sky crop, as Darwish Yunus said. We’re going to be sown. They won’t be aware. As more of our martyrs perish, our numbers will grow.

They’ll believe it’s going down. You’re going to drink the water.

Please step aside, crazy girl. I promised I wouldn’t tell. You and your partner… Why are you arguing with each other? What is the purpose of that water? I’m not going to inform Cerkutay. What is it for? Is it for ablution? Is that correct? Do the Alps use hot water for bathing? Cerkutay, please respond. This isn’t for me. Who is it for, then? So you think of Ghazi Bamsi Bey and try to aid him, Keiki Sniper Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle By Makkitv. What about you? Why don’t you take a moment to consider yourself? You, brave young guy, What exactly are you waiting for, Shahada? I’m a ruthless individual. I’m a ruthless individual.

I’ve killed a lot of people. I was a woman killer. I was a child killer.

I’ve been terrible to you. I’ve been harsh to folks who have never sinned. I’m a ruthless individual. Son. Being a Muslim is difficult. I am ashamed in front of Muhammad (SAW), and I dread Allah. A man should have no fear of the woman he loves. You only need to repent. Tawbah (repentance) will turn poison into honey. It creates roses from thorns. That door is open to anyone who considers themselves harsh. For abolition, I will join. We have a place for those who join, and we have water to distribute.

What happened to my daughter? Soldiers. Leave.

Umur Bey, aren’t you tired of fighting as much as I am? What exactly are you looking for? Nikola? Your friendship is greatly appreciated. So, why did you collaborate with Togay? Why did you take my daughter in the first place? What should I have done differently? Should I have tried to stand up to Geyhatu and Togay and risked being forcibly removed from my home? Could you not do it, Umur Bey? Don’t. Please don’t let me down because I’ve faith in you. You are a visitor to my residence. I’m unarmed in front of you. That is something both you and I are aware of. Neither you nor I am strong enough to stand up to Geyhatu. Makkitv’s Keiki Sniper Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles

Episode 5

Your daughter is unimportant to me. Bey Umur.

All I wanted was to reclaim Lord Osman, who had been kidnapped. Osman, on the other hand, was unable to supply even that. He also failed to protect you. As for me, I want to do business with Turks. Keeping decent Beys like you along the border offers safety to me and my empire. When Geyhatu assaults you, I feel safer. You are an honourable Turk Bey, Umur Bey. You are a courageous Bey who fought against Geyhatu. But, in the end, you’ve arrived at my frontiers.

Having you within my boundaries protects me against the Mongols.

And it was because of you that I worked with Togay. And what about Osman? Osman is a teenager. He’s a rogue. All he sees are the jewels of my lands in his eyes. But, as you and I both know, commerce is the greatest value. I believe that a seasoned Bey like you could tame a wild Bey like Osman.

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