Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 In Urdu Subtitles, I would like to come too. You go about making your preparations. Sir. Shattered fences surround the roadways. Tekfurs has also heard that you are on your way to meet the governor. Malhun Hatun is also present. I’m afraid you’re going to be caught in a trap. Bala Hatun, our Pusad, has been hammering with rage and drenched in the blood of traitors. My Bey, even Allah, will overcome everything. Sir. What about security? With Urdu Subtitles, Kurulus Osman Episode 89 Aykurt. It would be best to put your shoes on in Osman Beyim’s direction. Tomorrow, we’ll travel to Znik through the Kzlhisar roads. That location is rough and difficult to navigate. Thanks. Oh, Aykurt, oh, Aykurt, oh, Aykurt, o Keep your lips pressed together.


Thanks. Malhun Hatun, my Orhan has been handed to me.

Don’t be concerned. Bala Hatun, may God bless you. My Bala, may you exist. be present.  Allow him to enter. My woman, I assumed she’d enjoy you. Then, Osman Bey, let me begin the preparations. I’m travelling in the opposite direction. This is a merchant from Turkmenistan. He’ll transport the oil to Osman’s room. Now I understand. By assassinating any Turk that comes into contact with it! So, what is it going to be? Nothing. It’s a simple toxin.

I’d like you to utilise this when you put an end to Osman’s fixation.

As you desire. Goktug? Sir, here it is. Are the horses’ hooves visible? Sir, there was a crash. We’ll take the road to Kzlhisar. We’ve already circulated the word that we’ll be going to Iznik for Kefir. My master will bust him if he thinks he’s playing a game. Lets! There isn’t any more time to waste. Lets! They have no idea that they are riding the horses they like to their deaths. Osman isn’t the only one. We’ll eradicate them all, Anselmo. Come! You only need to take a peek. Sir, it is your command. Sir, it is your command. That’s it. Could you give it some water to drink? Osman! Mahlon! Mother! No, my daughter, I sincerely hope so. Are you all right? I’m okay. I pray that God blesses you.

Osman! He’s also stuffed. Why is he not sleeping?

Mister! Mister! The Alps! Osman! Sir. Attack! ‘Allah is Great!’ Osman! Please, God, keep my children safe. Osman! That’s a bad dog! Let me see, let me see, let me see, let me see, let me see, let me see Finally! Finally! Mister! Now is the time to die! Now is the time to die! Be! They go into the woodland, one by one, hunting the coyote lurking on the road! We’re heading into the woods! Osman! Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Are you all right, Osman? Follow! Lets! Let’s go, Malhun! Are you all right, bro? Boran, my wound is healing nicely. But I’m not feeling good. Allow it to be forbidden to be good to me without killing those who set this devious trap for us. Evalallah, evalallah, evalallah, evalallah, evalallah, eval But we’ll track down my lord.

So, let’s get started! Lets! Let’s get started! -Sir. -Chakotay! Stop!

Allow me to bandage that wound. The large wound is the only one that can’t be wrapped. Sir. Your blood will be spilt, and you will perish. Cankutay will not perish! He never dies till he discovers his brain! God is insane! -Sir. -Chakotay! It would be best if you weren’t concerned, Mother. The Alps are breathtaking. We’ve arrived as well. You maintain a calm demeanour.

Then, sir, let’s get back to the camp as soon as possible.

No, the tribe has a large number of trustees. We’ll travel to Iznik. But first and foremost, it is required to locate the alps safely. Sir, are you in this condition? You awoke, but you’re not feeling good. I’m not going to that camp without any supplies. People expect me to deliver good news. Okay, but, sir, what will we do? A large forest. Malhun, we’ll find it. We’ll track it down. Chakotay. Yigit had to have come up with something. Lets. What exactly did you do, bro? Have you discovered any traces? Brothers, if we can’t find our lord, he will find us. Lets. My deranged sibling. Rogatos, you did an excellent job.

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