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Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles I didn’t have this ring, to lift my head, I said I made a mistake from this stone, I understand this Onur Bey, that I couldn’t protect him because I was frightened of my Lord, that I couldn’t be my soul. This is the Mongols’ sleeping quarters. Who owns the axes, and how many persons are present? Can’t you see, Ms Selma? Take Bartel, and she adored it. Did they cut it right in front of her eyes? Episode 91 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles

Describe G Hatun’s operation and how he hid the dagger on the Sultan’s back.

Erman, Thank you; this is for a boarding sale; you and the dress expert will be removed. God is lengthy, but they won’t be able to miss you in my sight. Osman But they claim you want me to suffer the same destiny as you, and because I kissed it, it may be true. Kosla, Emperor Android This is Morano, according to my Sultan’s Empire. Yes, Sultan b, yes, Sultan b, yes, Sultan b, yes En Osman Bey is a Turkish businessman. Ayako, please accept my warmest greetings. I came here today solely to convey the truth to the emperor you liked, sir; this is against the Mongol invasion and scourge of Ziraat beyhat Emin wanted to take us on a money tour, Kurulus Osman Episode 91 Urdu Subtitles makkitv

This is the only possible scenario.

I’ve known this Osmanbey, His Excellency, Sultan Mesud. He is well aware that one of their objectives is to destroy you, us, and possibly all of us. But that’s why they arrived with flying fires, so let’s all get out. I can’t offer it to you since water is my job, my Sultan b. Whether it dies or lives is entirely up to me. This is a lifesaver for me. If life does not die, I will be able to exercise my rights; if you kill the inhabitants of this town, we will damage our pear farms and die. Is Osman in a position to defend these lands?


This love is unconditional. If it beats again, if it lives again,

I’d like to go to the villages on the outskirts of Yeni┼čehir. There is to set Oghuz academics, I want this, and Jihad is our living Egypt. Therefore we must move forward. A nation that does not resist loses its freedom first, followed by the existence of this Turk. Conquest is the only way to do this. But because you always put your horse first, I’ll get what I want. I’ve been looking for you since morning, Osmanbey and corner you; let’s hope this evening when we were harmed, I went to Harmankaya to get it done. Yes, sir, are you all right, mouse?

Yes, I’m up to date now.

Turgut sir, Turgut bey, Turgut d-smart, Turgut d-smart, Turgut d-smart, Turgut d-smart, Turgut d-smart, If someone is mine, though, he will either hand it to the enemy or refuse to take it. As well as Balkan. What exactly is he saying? He spelt his name correctly. As much as you forgive Sultan Mesut for saving your life, neither your feet nor your horse’s shoes will be able to resist these regions. My horses are going to take your life. Thank you kindly. I’ll generate more than a lighthearted heart wave if I open my heart wave on the street. You’ll go through a lot of pain, and dying won’t be easy for you. With Urdu Subtitles, Kurulus Osman Episode 90

Remember, Osman, and you can’t give.

This Baldus didn’t try in rage, and it was a good job, sister. I didn’t see it either part goes with my father’s bad, and he’ll be the daddy. He depicts his wife’s retaliation and gratitude. How will I always pay for my actions if I am devoted to Allah? Yes, you will not make another mistake right now. What did you do, Osman? I got what I’m going to get. You and my Sultan will think that this flat is a gift to this land since he can’t return because his commander devised a solution hehe is not the last. There are no highlights in 51. Pizza will not detract from the issue, but if someone is going to be, I’ll remove his head and use it against him.

Episode 91 of Kurulus Osman But this is a more deadly adversary

East than ever before, and we shall perish, and these mn people, this Ottoman slander has come to light, H huh. It was released, hidden, and it’s a shame, brother, for I offered the Seljuks dominion over the areas Sultan Mesut Osman Bey desired. Osmanbey Fiat Peugeot is the flag of the villages on the Yeni┼čehir border, and inexpensive agriculture has blossomed in undeveloped fields. Those aims are given to you, Osmanbey Fiat Peugeot, and I will send you tips, and we’ll be triumphant to break the bar.

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