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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles One side of us is the wedding part of us is mourning. Birth is one of us part of us is death. Well, you would say Osman here comes. Hey mashallah, nor do they look good on each other. Hullo. It had been a good time. Welcome aunt. I cannot choose you from our daughter’s bright face, Osman. With your permission. Hullo. Out of evil eyes, it shines like the sun. Osman in Urdu Subtitles Bolum 25 Now you say this is Hazal Hatun Obama turned to what? After all, this time, what wind blew him?

You should know that throwing me away is not the wind. It is fire. The child in me is the fire. You were keeping my Bahadır under surveillance. You also prohibited him from leaving the label. At that time you know what happened Hazal Hatun.

The messengers at the ends are agile with your Pusat, Mr. Bamsı. Is there nobody left? We all know what Alişar does, we all know. Not that the sins of my brother Alisar saying they say they should not wash it with brothers’ blood. Why did you do this? It doesn’t take long for Osman to hear that I’m coming. As soon as he hears me coming will come here with his alps. So why did we send news? It is only a matter of time before Geyhatu arrives in Söğüt. Until that comes, we need to buy time.

And that time to us treacherous Salvador in our lap will win.

You beat us all by coming to Dündar Bey’s mourning bed. But know Hazal Hatun. The bottom of this well is very deep. To see the truth, you have to see the bottom. Selcan Hatun sky-eyed Selcan Hatun Evelallah there are no wells that we can not reach. There is no need to blur the well by decorating it, aunt. Bahadır was a non-official. The tent is the pole, the subordinate, the tradition keeps the justice up. My Bahadır he has heedlessness. However, there is no betrayal. That notebook is closed, aunt.

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Well done, my beautiful girl. Let me go! Let me go! Lord, protect me.

Ya Hak! Oh right! You won’t be harmed by us. We would like to help. Come on, there’s no time. Let’s go now. Where did these come from? Hide here. Damn! We can’t leave without finding him. Hurry up! disperse! Come on. From here. [Music Plays] Decatur! Mr. Osman. Selamun aleykum. Aleykum salam. Aleykumselam, sir. Here you go. When you say to be, it happens. With the ninety-nine names of Almighty Allah who filled our hearts with the light of faith. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Years followed years. We haven’t fought for a long time. But we haven’t been idle all this time. We have enlarged our base. We made Söğüt a bay. And our Alps got stronger. Our pacts got sharper. We did not do what you said, Osman Bey.

Just say it. We’re fine. Thank god. What is your name?

Why were you running from the soldiers? What do you keep questioning like Munker Nekir? Let a girl breathe. If I’m not mistaken, they are Tekfur’s soldiers. It won’t be very good when my father hears it. You know, brother, there is peace between us. Come on, we’ll talk about the rest when we get to the camp. It’s not just here. The Alps! Prepare the horses! Lets. [Music Plays] But remember water sleep but the enemy does not sleep. Of course, they will be prepared. [Music Plays] As your command we have been setting up markets all over the world for years. We will grow our trade, Mr. But in the slightest confusion, we have no power to protect these markets.

The settlement agreement continues.

We protect both the markets and the order with a peace agreement. We will continue to protect our markets with the text of peace, not with a compass. [Music Plays] Mr. Barkın how many horses are there? As the Akca dervish said, do we not have enough Alps to protect our markets in such a war? There are many valiant, sir. However, the drill is not equal to battle. We are afraid that the henna will rust. We don’t rust in sheath nor die in the tent. Your Alps will always be ready. His drills will be tough his wrists will be steel. Gentlemen. Not only Mr. Barkın but also you, gentlemen. Yours too. Because those who sweat a lot in peace the bloodsheds less in war. You will not only prepare your privates you will also prepare your sisters.

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