Teskilat Season 1 Episode 10 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Teskilat (Urdu Subtitles) Season 1 Episode 10 I also prayed for my lord’s and wife’s valiant alps, who protected and supported me. Amine. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. My Lord, may you grant us the opportunity to reunite you and our son as soon as possible. Osman Bey, you’ve returned! I was hoping to catch up with you before Cenk arrived. What a valuable contribution you made. Is our child all right?

Thank you for being so considerate. Osman Bey, I’m just fine.

You’ll be fine or fine enough for our child to be fine. Allow me to boil some water, clean, and relax. Malhun You should not be absent, Hatun. But I’m going to have to go back. Do you plan on returning that way at night? A full moon has appeared. Don’t worry, and my horse will figure things out. The truth is that you already know it. I sincerely desire to fight alongside you in this conflict.

Isn’t yours my Almighty Lord’s greatest war? Certainly.

Rest well, Malhun lady. It would be best to safeguard yourself and our children against all threats. Don’t worry, Osman Bey; our child is entrusted to Allah first, followed by me. Be blessed, Ghazan. Osman Bey enters his tent and leaves. (Azan is currently being read aloud.) So, what exactly are they up to? Every Turk in the war did Dukas. They go to their gods for protection. Nikola, there’s only one haven.

Episode 11   

They’ll end up rotting in the ground.

Esselamialeykumverahmetullah. Esselamialeykumverahmetullah. Bypassing through flowery paths, no victory is achieved! We got here by fighting our way through bloody roads, and now we’re going to drown the Turks in their blood by crossing bloody roads! If a soldier stops fighting and starts thinking, not a single person will be left in the army! Amine! By strengthening the mujahideen of your path,

who sacrificed their lives in obedience

you and shed their blood to follow you, do not deprive them of your help that filled their homeland with safety and victory! Amine! Brave sons of Byzantium! I command you not to think but to die! It is our honour to die! Victory! With us! Victory! With us! Victory! With us! O Lord, we will make you our deputy. We will put our faces to the ground in front of your greatness and fight for you! Bless our gaze! Amine!

Akbar! Please let the corners play! The Alps!

We’re pulling back! We’re pulling back! Lets! They’re retreating! Let’s step back, and we’ll finish this tomorrow. Soldiers! We’re pulling back! Back off! It should have been finished on the first day. When they pulled back, we had to keep going! We would have to disperse to continue. It would only make Osman’s job easier in a dispersed army. Isn’t that right, Jason? Episode 9

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