Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 1 Episode 2 Kay will mature. It will develop. Kay’s foes will also expand. Many more tekfurs will follow the negöl tekfur. The ruler of Constantinople will be present in person. There isn’t any spare time, Dad. A new order must be established. We need to restructure. Babe, say whatever you want. To avoid problems, don’t let them stay inside. I’ll say something. Sure, I’ll say it. But I’m terrified of what I’ll hear.


Have you voted for Osman, Prosecutor?

Lena, Emmy cheated on me. You warned me several times, but I ignored you. He purchased the gentlemen for his use. He was going to be Osman or Emmm Bey. I preferred Osman to him. So you went with Osman. So you went with Bala instead of Hazal? I’m going to have to take Bala’s face from now on, Mr Prosecutor? Lena, Stop focusing on yourself. Our principality is under threat. Osman’s avarice and bravado lead us to the brink.

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Greetings, Mr Hodja. My mother, my mother, my mother. My child.

I dashed over to you right away—Son, welcome. I wish I had arrived sooner. Allow me to examine you. You were sorely missed. My paternal grandfather. Son, welcome. My lion is me. My lion, my father. Thank you, God, for my father. Emmim bey is Osman. And you supported him with your vote. What a noble disposition. I am proud of you as your son. Of course, Osman was supposed to be emmim bey. I stated that his brother, the Prosecutor, was aware of the situation. My brother Göktu will be an alpine head informally. Sir, the order is yours. Thanks. Thanks.

Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 1 Episode 2 By Makkitv

It will accompany me wherever I go. Only he will be privy to my secrets. Sir, your command is on my head. Thanks. My emm and brother, on the other hand, will undoubtedly oppose my principality. Flatyos will be executed tomorrow for what he did to Kay Beys. Nikola’s dog will suffer the same fate when I receive it. Fill your tummy to the brim. You will soon be hanged. You are correct. Let’s not go hungry on the other side. Was there no wine available? Is this food for the infamous dog? I’m hoping this is the last bite. Hopefully. Hopefully.

What’s going on with you? Hey! Are you all right?

Do you hear what I’m saying? Thank you, my pal. For both your ayran and your attire. Will you return to this state? You may now leave. Let’s have a conversation with Mr Bamsi. Bamsi, Mr You should say now, Bamsi Bey, where is the first time? Who is it, exactly? Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 1 Episode 2 Do you know where Osman Bey is for the first time? Your father is Erturul Gazi for the first time. With the election of the new gentleman, Osman became Kayi’s lord. Osman would not leave the Prosecutor and Dündar in charge of the principality.

Are you taken aback? Of course not, Peter.

Dündar Bey had misled the Prosecutor in this way. Mr Dundar is also the Prosecutor. Osman has occasionally transformed into a gentleman. Peter, what’s on your mind? Perhaps three or five. We shall not only place a stone to cast a shadow on Osman’s reputation, but we will also allow Dundar to leak through deep fissures. Well? Dundar will be forced to work with us. How? That is my responsibility, brother. Do you believe they’ll be able to complete Osman’s task? Helen, they try. They’ll make an effort.

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