Teskilat Season 1 Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 1 Episode 3 You will be the people’s eyes and picture of my Osman. Treat those who approach you with compassion. And, my lovely girl, always pays attention to their problems. Mom, I heard you. I’ll pay attention. But don’t send your brain any unjust wishes. Don’t use your brain’s heart and mind for unjust consent. Respond to people who ask for your right by referring to yourself as Cemil of your right.

And if someone wants you to be an instrument of injustice like Jalil,

you must refuse and even warn them. Mom, I heard you. I’ll pay attention. Other than that, whatever counsel I give you will be unjust to you. Sheikh Edebali’s sister, lady Bala Hatun, understands how to speak, remain silent, and where to go and stand. Act confidently. Selcan, my mother, may God bless you.


My daughter, you as well. Are you all right?

Okay, fine. Mom, I’m fine. I’m fine, thank goodness. But what is Targun Hatun’s goal? We’re coming for you, girl. As I vowed, we will exact our vengeance on those who put us in this circumstance. Osman Bey owes a duty of gratitude. I shall be your most lethal weapon. We’ll have Kaylar’s strength on our side. Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 1 Episode 3 Are you sure, girl, that Mr Osman is dead set on this wedding? Dad, I’m going to marry her. I’m going to be his wife.

Episode 4   

Follow your instructions. Let us be Kaylar’s relatives.

Allow the apricot and Cuman types of blood to mingle. May a generation of warriors accompany you. Allow my grandchildren to play Kay Bey. Father, they will be. Without question. Others I’ve seen. Osman, tell me about the afterlife. (Gaza’s fire is burning, and my father is burning.) (The fire that seeks to demolish and crush Kaylar will continue to burn until the circle is reduced to ashes.) (Informally, I’m not going to quit till then.) 2nd Episode

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