Teskilat Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles Talk! Sir, the Sultan’s unit is on its way to headquarters. To the horses, please! Alps! Order! Your sheikh, we had a great time. With you, Osman Bey prepared his army. My sultan, Estagfurullah. Even though our hands are shaky when playing Pusat, if it is rejected, we can still pray.

Even your prayers are our most powerful weapon.

Estagfurullah. My parents told me to listen to you. I sincerely hope so, Sultan. illallah, La Gabe. You’ve arrived. Has Helen received reinforcements and ammunition? As you requested, we arrived safely from the Cendere road. The people also used horses to transport supplies. The peasants should not be trusted and should not be let into the headquarters.

Sir, the Sultan and his soldiers, marched inside the headquarters.

Sultan Mesut, please. Behind arkltepe will be the Byzantine headquarters. The Byzantine army arrived on the battlefield in this manner. Cenk Square will be in attendance. The emperor’s ammunition from Byzantium is what concerns me.

Episode 8   

My Sultan, we have captured the munitions that will be sent to the Byzantine headquarters.

Don’t be concerned. How? We investigated all of the roads leading to the encampment, determined their locations, and managed them with our Pusats jointly. May God bless you, Osman Bey, for saving us from a major crisis. Thank you so much, Sultan.

I appreciate it. On the other hand,

Nikola is far too clever to supply the ammunition in a single unit. We still dealt a major blow, Sultan. Then tell me everything you know about the opponent, Osman Bey. Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 1 Episode 7 There are two units in the Byzantine army. The Macedonian army of Dukas and Nikola’s infantry regiment and the tekfurs. Bala, Malhun girl, sees you as a competitor.

Hopefully, we are mistaken.

What does he know about my willingness to give up all for Osman Bey’s son? Bala, you’re such a sweetheart. So, my Bala, what are we going to do with Zoyi? If we are correct, this will first damage my Osman Bey. This is not acceptable, my Gonca. Keep your gaze fixed on him. You don’t have to be concerned, Bala. Allow our gentlemen to safely return and reunite with my Boran, Episode 6.

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