Teskilat Season 2 Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 26 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles, My Hazrat Hamza lies down. Please don’t do it at the start of India. My Hamza, he’s gone. The puzzle has been solved. My Hamza is a martyr, and the riddle has been answered. How did they put you to death? My lovely Muhammad found refuge on this mountain. The puzzle has been solved, braves. Hamza is a martyr in my eyes. Hamza, my son, is a martyr. They do not perish. Don’t refer to them as “dead.” Martyrs are immortal. Martyrs do not perish. Martyrs do not perish. Gonca The alps were martyred at Hatun. If you come with the Crusader army, you will not meet the Emperor.

Mari will never get anything from me. Giving shelter is not something we do.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 26 In Urdu That custom will bring you and your tribe to an end. Bey Osman, Come on, get your act together. So, what did I say? You discovered yourself to be the bravest and most skilful. Now is the time to smile. Turgut would have died if you hadn’t arrived. Because of my actions. My lovely daughter. You’ve made it through the hard times. It’s time to talk about pleasant things from now on, girl.

By coming here, I placed you and your people in jeopardy. Mari.

Kayi Obasi is my name. We do not provide refuge for ourselves. They will have enough to look forward to if they have a future. They’ll try to harm you. My brother and Nikola are both determined to see this through. Bala is correct. With you, we became war comrades. Please don’t let them go. Rest and avoid thinking about them. What if something goes wrong? [Does Destur exist, Malhun Hatun?] Alaca, please. Tekfur Koses and Malhun Hatun arrived. He’s eager to meet Mari. My little girl.

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Take your time. The Kayi people are here.

My Osman Bey will not hand you over to anyone unless you want it. My braves have just been martyred. I haven’t even started planting them yet. Rogatos, your lovely friend, has my Alp in his grasp. My rage is like a mountain range. Tell me right now. Turgut made his second crossing of the line. You are aware of this. Mari is enticed. You can’t compel him to stay. Nobody is compelling me to do anything. I have chosen to be here. I’m not coming back, man.

Please don’t push me any farther, Mari. But, then, what?

Finally, there’s good news. Finally, Osman adores his alps tremendously. Koses, how about you? What happened to him? He went to Osman to get Mari. [Does Destur exist?] Here it is. It was forbidden for you to leave your bed. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 26 In Urdu Do you have any openings? You, too, had a difficult day. I was hoping you were all right. Because of me, they have caused me so much pain. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you. You must not weep. Mari, don’t let tears flow from your lovely eyes. Your tears more hurt me than theirs.

You must not weep. Now. This caught my eye in the market and reminded me of you.

I said, “Let me get this to Mari,” and I meant it. Today is fortunate. Excellent. You are also stunning. I appreciate it. Mari. I’m at a loss for words. Have you ever considered it? [Does Destur exist?] Come. In the bunk, Osman Bey is waiting for you. You were halfway through saying something. Is that correct? Nikola, you’re being ridiculous. What exactly are you up to? Keep your cool. You completely ruined my reputation. You couldn’t deal with a lady. My sister is a woman.

Nikola, So please don’t direct your rage at me. Enough isn’t cutting it for me. An oath was taken. We agreed to be together and not fall in love with each other. Have you forgotten? Enough – Together, we’d be stronger – We’ll be stronger again. Of course, if you can maintain your composure.

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