Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 2 Episode 27 If you don’t come with me today, I’ll come back with an army the next time. It implies that you will bring an army to recover your brother’s body. Never give up. Don’t stop, do it if you want me to kill myself. When you can’t locate what you’re looking for, you display your teeth. You threaten to build an army because my Obama has arrived. Do it if you have a heart. Do it and see what happens, but Mari, I will never give up. Osman, Go now if you have nothing to say. Nikola, the mine was taken by Oman. What?

How did they manage to escape the mine alive?

Will none of our transactions go smoothly today? Rogatos, what happened? What difference does it make? He figured it out. Isn’t that right, Rogatos? Because we need to sit down and plan how we’ll get Mari. You put us in this predicament. Is that correct? I’m going to remove it. Teskilat Urdu Subtitles Season 2 Episode 27 How? The Holy Spirit will lead us. Nikola, has Rogatos recently made you so loyal? No, my personal experience. Coming. He’ll be of assistance to us. Vizier Alem Shah, the Seljuk state’s vizier. Welcome, Alem Shah. I bow humbly to these regions’ formidable tekfurs. However, I perceive that you do not rule-following your power.

Your territories are still in chaos. It necessitates stability, order, and predictability.

And structure Nikola, this command has been forgotten. And you, Vizier Alem Shah, know who broke this order better than we do. So, Osman Bey, how do we get Boran? The tyrant has control. He’s in one of these dungeons. Now I understand what those jerks did to him. How are we going to save Boran? What would happen if he became trapped in the dungeon? My Lord and I will be alone. The dungeon is a haven for us. Assume they were banished to the land of the unbelievers; an exile is a form of migration for us. Say they murdered Boran; death is our witness. Martyrdom, But no one will be able to stop us. My brother Boran will be taken from them. We’ll also look ahead. Bismillahirahmanirahim. You’ve arrived.

Episode 28   

Let’s have fun. Why can’t you eat, girl? Threats from my brother

Sercan Hatun, I’m scared he’ll do anything. You appear unfazed. With our blood and Pusats, we conquered these regions. We want that justice and mercy to rule in our land. Now, if we were duped by the emperor’s threat and given you, as the promise of the ancestors, tradition will be thrown out the window if cruelty enters through the window. Osman Bey, we’re talking about the imperial army. I’m familiar with both your tribe and Turgut Bey. How will you manage? Even if he raises a large army and attacks us, he will not be able to conquer us, as Big Brother states.

Season 2 Episode 27 of Teskilat Our phrase will be one first in Urdu Subtitles.

Do you have any idea what a river is? Have you seen it? Do you have any idea what a sea is? I understand. I used to go to the shore virtually every day when I was in Constantinople and watch for hours. Request. Our nature is similar to that of those rivers. We will unify under the flag of Islam, just as those rivers did under the sea. There are kind souls among us. 9th episode

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