Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitles It’s from us, it’s the one that the world has given and will take, servant Allah, it will be offered Allah Allah, and we will make you wait for it. Aleykümselam Selamunaleykum This isn’t like that, guys. You’ll lose my patience if you don’t do what I say. Of course, you’re telling me that you’re on this site.

A puzzle solved cry blues scream

There will be one, there is a halal prayer for this sword moon, either Flash will not finish, or here is where you are. Thank you for making them believe you are their own. Have a wonderful time. Thank you, Yigitler. What’s up with that car time? I don’t want any glitches, sir. Everything is OK. Where is Osman? o Good morning, successful! o This is the Monastery, and these guys are taking Christos Monastery. Haha, I know how you do everything to heal it and then help you did. I guess o this episode from cm war, and I know how you do everything to heal it than help you did. I guess o What are you doing. Metin2tr sign up is broken? What have you accomplished?

Bey Turgut With the small one, you’re not as stupid as I assumed.

These Turks will be unable to educate their children. Do you go to the Monastery with your buttons, don’t you go to school with the knights’ templar, don’t you go to school, first a piqué embroidered on Christian hearts, then we all know the children? He can’t handle it all. No, my God, to the 1st League on the lake bed, so that as soon as we know what will happen at night, we will enter the enemy’s citadel.

Episode 32   

It would be best if you were mistaken about this command Kaya.

You have no idea what we’re offering. Byzantium is lovely, and the last thing I want to do is hurt you. What is this duty, or is there an issue that we must address? Is it now in this turgutta’s one small priest’s call from a single furko voice sign up? God willing, this is the only good, and righteous soldier among the soldiers during the black hole news will undoubtedly succeed, is it from me? I keep myself from his dung with piggy banks, which hurts me. Let us preserve such a youngster to save the traitor’s life.]

We’ll soon be on our way to where the Turkmens belong, but for now, look,

Where is this from Mehmet Alp Osman Bey as the devil’s steps approach? Let’s spend some time here, folks, and see how well we get along. It’ll be nice to see you again. You’ll be rebellious, but you didn’t tell me your name, and I thought it was very lovely for you, so from now on, your name will be Alex, regardless of what you say. Turk’s topic Episode 30: The Ummah You Want Will Not Change

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