Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 With Urdu Subtitles To do so, I’ll first make Harmankaya Kayi’s property. Storm. Osman Bey made it out of Konya safely. Oh, thank you, Lord. Do not be overjoyed right away. The vizier is once again setting up the game’s most heinous traitor. Selcan will find his way to Osman, he knows. In the dervish lodge, he sets up an ambush. Bre is a degenerate rogue! Because the suffering he inflicted was insufficient for the games he created, he now creates a new one. It is now vital to inform Osman Bey of the situation.

Let me tell you where my Lord might be.

Konya is my hometown. Thanks. The locations in the forest where we hide are well-lit. I know where my master can be found. Storm. Oh, don’t let on that the information originated from me. For the time being, you are privy to my secret. Thanks. Amen… Yigit… Göktuğ! Brother. Brother… My hero… May the Lord reunite us at the Kevser pool. – Amine. Amen. However, I promise… I will avenge you and our martyrs. You bravely took up the cause of rights, brother. My lion sibling! We concur with you. God bless you as well… Goktug. My younger brother.

It’s also doomed to battle with a sword in your absence.

Göktu, it won’t be easy. Brother, your lack of sensitivity pierces my side. Göktu, we shall revenge your brother. Cerkutay, my brother, don’t give a damn. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 (Urdu) Turgut. – Kosses, Osman Bey, here you are. We’ll get together there. Of course, we’ll go, but what about you? Osman Bey, it’s really risky; they’re looking for you everywhere. My path leads to peace. Don’t be concerned. Thanks. Nikola, you’ve never seen something like this in your life. I didn’t notice it as clearly as you did.

Episode 34   

This market will benefit us greatly.

However, these are the most crucial. Gunduz Bey, why did you show up in such a large crowd? Is there anything we’re missing out on? We didn’t come to see the castle; we came to buy it! Soldiers! Do you think I’m unaware of your depravity? It indicates that Nikola has sent troops to the fortress! Let’s go, braves! Let’s go, braves! Do not correct! Assalam aleykum. – Aleykumselam is a Muslim greeting. Assalamualaikum. – Aleykumselam is a Muslim greeting. Geyhatu has returned, according to reports. His goal is to overthrow Argun Khan. First and foremost… First and foremost, he seeks to consolidate authority in these regions.

True Argun is organizing a rebellion against Han.

He aims to take over the land and build a massive army. Turkmen lords Tekfurs will gather them all to their side. He also collaborates with Vizier Alemşah. He wishes to subjugate the Seljuks. As a result, the massive army will grow in size. Of course, if you avoid becoming a state in the first place. I live and breathe this. This is making my heart race! It’s a state of mind that keeps me going. So, what are your options now? Politics. If they create a game within a game, they destroy the ranks that we say cannot be destroyed, and attempting to establish the order is detrimental.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 (Urdu)

Alemşah, Vizier… In the extremes, he forged a union. I’ll start by destroying it. If Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah intend to destroy the tekfurlar to gain control here, I will stop them. Good lesson, nice lesson; Osman Bey, you should also show me how to do it. Tekfur Kosses. I’ll also drag the weakest link over to my side because my brother and gentlemen will ignore me. At that point, I’ll confront them with tekfur soldiers.

I’ll never trust the treacherous with these goals.

Goals of Geyhatu and Alemşah, the vizier Alemşah Gündüz has already taken the necessary steps. They’re on their way to take Harmankaya, and you’re right in front of us. Osman Bey, you’re running late. Thank you, I understand. However, Vizier Alemşah’s goal is not to strengthen the tekfurs. Its purpose is to destroy. That’s why I told Nikola ahead of time. He took measures as well. Do you think Nikola will be able to stop this, Osman Bey? Never… But… When I reached the opposites, I decided which side I would support. I led the way for him. He’ll also be with us…

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