Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 With Urdu Subtitles I deconstruct the state and rebuild it. Geyhatu, what’s your deal? Nikola, do you not desire to revive holy Rome in this land? Allow Osman to die, and the rest will be decided later. Soldier! Kay’s brave Selcan mother, If my double wickedness doesn’t take the heads of those who perpetrated this to you.

Turgut, no disgrace will go unpunished. I swear, whoever inflicted this anguish will wriggle in pain. Many thanks, Kosses. What time will my brother arrive? Storm. Sir. Brother! Sir… Brother. I have some crucial news for you, Sir. – Say it. What happened to Mr. Gündüz? My Lord brought along the blacksmith and Selcan mother and expelled the women from the camp. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 (in Urdu)

Brother! They were ambushed on the highway, Sir.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 (in Urdu) Orhan! Mother! What’s new with Malhun Bala? State it! Sir, Orhan is obada, and the ladies are also good. However, Selcan is the mother… Mother. Those chicks that released Julia, the vizier’s treacherous hound. Selcan inflicted harm on the mother. It is presently in the lodge. Kumral Abdal is in charge, as well. Mother! What’s the state of my mother? Let us see if my mother is still alive. Boran, you should say it exactly!

Episode 36   

Selcan is still alive, and I have nothing to conceal.

But this is his wound… Sir, his wound is quite deep. Vizier… Alemshah, the Vizier! Make a grave for that cadaver! Let’s visit my mother! Sir, please allow him to stop. The vizier has decided to visit the dervish lodge. He’s already prepared his game. The lodge will ambush you if you go there, Sir. I am not going to give that vizier or those colleagues a chance. Storm! – Sir. We’re going to my mother’s house, so you should be able to get to Edebali soon. Notify all nearby dervishes. Allow him to welcome them to Söüt formally. In that chaos, we’ll enter Söüt beside my mum.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 (in Urdu)

It was my fault, mama. I was hoping you wouldn’t say that; I defended my child. It catches fire. Abdal, the brunette, must be informed. Come on, Zehra. Mother! Mother. No. 1 Look, you’ve left me orphaned. Don’t. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 (in Urdu) Selcan mom! Hello, hello. Thank God our gaze is fixed on the road. You will make my sheikh very glad to see you. I’ll alert the vizier if you keep your eyes on the lodge. Thank you, Sir.

Sir, we have deployed our forces as per your orders.

However, no one has seen Osman, so he is unlikely to arrive. Ferman, Osman will appear. Selcan’s mother wants to visit her one last time before she passes away. Keep an eye out. I’m not looking for any errors. Is there anything wrong, my vizier? – Come on, now. These are Osman’s and his alps’ dervish lodges. Today, Osman will not be able to leave Söüt. His grave will be Willow. Let’s travel to Edebali. Get up and scatter! Don’t come until you can find Osman. Look around! Edebali, where has Osman gone? Where did you stow it away? Manners! Is this how you get into a funeral house without being disturbed? Keep your cool, vizier Alemşah.

Look everywhere for Osman, the traitor.

Remove the needle even if it becomes stuck in the hole. Allow it to continue! Allow the dervish to withdraw; don’t seek problems! Are you unable to show pity to the living, Vizier Alemşah? What you’re doing is unethical. The true act of dishonesty is to assist and conceal a traitor. Where are you headed? Osman is someone I know here. So, what are your thoughts, man? Don’t you see that we’re having a funeral? We’re going to search the room, search! What a farce! Don’t you see that we’re having a funeral? You are not allowed to enter since the lady is a person! Exit.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 (in Urdu) Exit! Isn’t there a funeral for you, Celali? Do you have no regard for the dead? Choose your seatmate. This is getting out of hand. Respectfully, I’m always on your side.

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