Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 With Urdu Subtitles Have you discovered the Auburn Abdal yet? The antidote I gave you is ineffective. At my hands, my sheikh will perish. God keep you safe. Please, Lord, who healed Eyüp, assist us. Amine. Assalam aleykum. Assalamualaikum. – Aleykumselam. How is her life, Bala Hatun, asked Akca dervish? Who would want to murder Sheikh Edebali? We have no idea, Brahim Fakih. Allow my sheik to get free of this poison’s grasp. Their turn will come as well. Ibrahim Fakih, it’s as if they mixed all kinds of poisons and stuffed them in. I’m not sure what to do if the antidote doesn’t work! Brown Abdal, I’m Enough! What you stated was found. What exactly is it? They call it and, or boiling herb, and I’m hoping for healing from them.

Is it obvious what poisoned him?

We have no idea who did it. The food, however, was poisoned. Auburn Abdal, as you mentioned, is a powerful figure. I’m aware that such a toxin exists, but no one here is aware of it. In the Orient, I’ve seen it a lot. Let me give it a shot. Is this how you follow through on your promises, Barkin? Please, Selvi, don’t.

Please do not cut my wound. Barkin, my heart is on fire.

I’m the only one left. Barkan, my father is gone, my father is gone. Selvi, I’m here; wouldn’t you consider me family? And what is my transgression? Why did they leave, Mr. Ivaz and Mr. Umur? Osman started it and couldn’t stop it. Is it our fault that Osman was ambushed because he couldn’t clear the hazardous roads? Selvi here. There is no way to back out of this. Both your mother and father owe their existence to Osman. I will avenge him and the person who murdered him.

Episode 40   

I shall not die without exacting my vengeance on you.

Come on in, Selvi. I’d like to have our wedding after the Beylik toy. What are your thoughts, Barkin? I’ve finally laid my ancestor to rest. What kind of wedding are you referring to? Selvi, your father would have wanted it that way.
Furthermore, the gentlemen will not consider me till our wedding is completed. Now that our mourning period is ended, we will have our wedding, and it is my responsibility to organize a wedding party worthy of our glory, Ivaz Bey. Thank God for allowing you to see it! It’s my father! It’s my father! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! Allow me to play the victim! Sheikh, my sheikh! Goodbye, my sweetheart.

Brahim Fakih, best of luck. My master, you grew up to be like Khidr!

How can I reward you for healing my sheik? Brahim Fakih, our home is your home. You owe us a lifetime debt. What have we done, Estafurullah… I’m going to an inn and hope to return. You will arrive at the camp, Zehra, Kornelia. Come on, Bala chick, and I’ll stay with you. My gaze is fixed on Barkn, sir. Today I received two gold chests. Who did he acquire it from? We don’t know, sir; someone has certainly departed previously. He will give his service to whomever he receives his money. Keep your gaze fixed on it. – Sir, it is your command. Almighty Allah’s ninety-nine names flood our hearts with the light of faith and cause us to die when we say to be. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Umur Bey and Ivaz Bey used to go to such lengths to assist us.

They made them martyrs. The Mongolian heads had been minced, according to Barkn Bey. Kosses’ arrows appeared before us when we got to Ivaz Bey. We have brought Kosses to our tribe; the infidels were bound to do so. To beat the infidel, Nikola Kosses made a bargain with him. Is it apparent who attacked Söüt, sir? Don’t be concerned! Whoever did it will undoubtedly be apprehended! We will undoubtedly hear from those who despicably attacked us. It means, Osman Bey, you’ll request an account. You have yet to find the person responsible for the murders of my wife and my baby brother.

Know what you’re saying! You couldn’t keep Osman Bey safe.

Greetings, Mr. Ivaz! All of them were warriors! You couldn’t even safeguard Söüt. Sheikh Edebali is also on the verge of death. After the other spirits have died, the account you will witness has no meaning! I remained quiet till now because you were in anguish! But… get out of my way now! Come crashing down! Thanks! Osman Bey, is there a Destur? Mr. Ivaz and Mr. Umur share their suffering with all of us. But first, my liver was among the victims. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 (Urdu)

The Alps! Turgut Bey has decided not to return to the camp.

If it approaches the camp, you will accelerate! In my opinion, it isn’t very meaningful! Sir, the order is yours. – Sir, it is your command. The wedding is concluded. Lets! Cornelia, I don’t understand. What was the outcome? I’m not sure, Zehra. I’m not sure. Should we go to a market before we leave? I’ll be waiting for you at the stables; you come in and finish your work. OK. Please excuse me, but I’m checking to see if Brahim Fakih is inside. Didn’t you see it come out before me? I went to the market for a while, and it was probably released at that time. You may exist. You can also attend. I don’t have much time before Zehra arrives. Sir, why did you save him? Teskilat Season 2 Episode 39 (Urdu)

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