Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 In Urdu Subtitles by Madnitv

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 With Urdu Subtitles The problems began as soon as they arrived. We’ll proceed with caution. Baysungur. – Respectfully, Sir. You’re going after Barkin. saltuk. – Respectfully, Sir. After Ibrahim Fakih, you will never leave. You will be a shadow if they come from the darkness. Sir, the order is yours. – Sir, it is your command. You will be watchful and on the lookout Alps. They foment division and shed blood as if it were lifeblood! You will not believe what you see and hear if it comes to you. No one will move without my permission! “Sir, your command.” Harmankaya is our destination. Lets! Turgut and Kosses, both of Osman’s arms, will be severed! He’ll be on his own.

But, Nikola, lone wolves are also hazardous.

I’ll pull his teeth out as well, so he won’t be able to roar. But first, he must attack Kosses angrily. And Kosses will come to us if they don’t want to be torn apart. Furthermore, Argus and my troops have already established themselves in Harmankaya. Not only will we draw Kosses and Turgut from Osman’s side, but we will also draw them to ours. We’ll have to wait till Osman makes a move on Kosses. Later, I’ll hear from my spy. Soldier. With your consent. Precaution. Master Aryus has the gold you seek. But you didn’t specify why you needed it.

In the palm of darkness, Nikola will drown the Turks.

Barkin will receive this gold. To Barkn, who shall be the Kzlbeyoullar’s lord. Although Barkn is with Osman, one of us is the most ruthless black warrior. A knight who will annihilate the Turks. One of his most powerful tools for this cause will be this gold. Stop where you’re heading! You were warned to quit! Continue. Come on, Osman. Thank you, Samuel; now let us depart. – Please come in. You’ve arrived. Ivaz has passed away. kosses. This is an example of one of our arrows. Where did you come upon this? While I was taking the devil’s mask from his face, he fell in front of me. They want to ensure that their work is protected on both sides.

Episode 42   

They made you hostile to us first, and now Kosses is hostile to you.

Mr. Turgut, you said it yourself. Who attacked and left no other evidence? Those cretins who murdered Mari, burned Willow, and murdered Ivaz Bey. But now I’m chasing what I think I’m looking for. What happened to my brother? – kosses. Samuel. It’s only natural for me to bind the hands of someone I believe is responsible for my brother’s death, Osman Bey. Brother. – My younger brother. You will remain deceased. For the time being, you will not be visiting the camp. Sir, we agree to be free of this matter. What are we going to do now, Osman Bey? Mr. Turgut, it’s now your turn. Kosses demonstrated his hatred for me by murdering my brother and attacking me.

You’ll also be in front of me. They’ll assume we’re at odds with each other.

Thank you; everything is required to be completed. – It’s a victory! They set up all of the traps to prevent the takeover. We will not give up until we achieve victory. Please don’t be left behind. So, what will happen? Many thanks to you and Turgut. Nikola’s ally is Inhisar Tekfuru. And it will be from there that the only reinforcements will arrive from the east. We will prioritize exclusivity over everything else. And without any prior military training. We’ll then stand at the gates of Negöl. Amine! Amen to that, my sheikh! Amine! I’m exhausted.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 41 (Urdu)

He also eats… If Aygül sees you, I vow I won’t be able to save you. I’m hoping you departed as well. Come on, and it’ll be here before you know it… But first, there’s the basmala. Bismillah. Congratulations! Oh no, we’re going to eat this, this, and this. The horseback riders are approaching. Horseback riders are approaching. Allah bless you! We’ll eat with our right hand and dip our spoon with our right hand.

Mashallah, we’ll eat with this hand! My brave coach, Mashallah!

This valiant tent startled Aygül Hatun. He wanted to talk to us, but instead of saying anything, he laughed. What are you so upset about, crazy girl? None. Mother! Cerkutay is my Kayi’s name. Apricot? Kayi, what’s up? Kayi, Kayi, Kayi, Kayi! Masha Allah, my brave! Kayi, you’ve grown into a man! Hello, Kay! Hello, Kay. Michael Kosses is a writer. Nikola, aya. – My lovely companion. It’s been a very long time. Nikola, what was that? Osman says Perhaps this would not have happened if Mateus, the Tekfur of this, had assisted us while we were fighting Osman. Isn’t that so? – Of course.

In front of the door during the war.

So, tell me, what can we do for you, my friend? Osman dispatched his man to the pen. He’s pressuring me into making a decision. You resemble a sailboat with the wind at your back. Osman, I’ll be the rock you hit. It would be best if you backed me up so that I can take on Osman. Immediately. I’ll send a contingent of my most outstanding warriors to your command right away. Nikola, I see Osman isn’t going to stop. If we don’t band together now, no wall will be able to stop him. Osman will defy the agreement and march first to Inhisar. Then there’s negöl. We’ll be at your castle tomorrow with Nikola, and of course, Turgut will be there. Is Turgut the culprit? Kosses, I don’t want a Turk in my pen.

We will get rid of Osman thanks to Turgut, Tekfur Mateus,

just as we got rid of Geyhatu and the vizier thanks to Osman. Allow it to happen. However, both of you bear responsibility. Tomorrow, I’ll be waiting for you. I appreciate it. — Mateus Tekfur Kosses, you’re out for vengeance. You’re looking for fresh allies to exact vengeance… So, what shall we do? Revenge is a cruel game.

Zehra. Zehra? My little girl! Sticker! Let’s get this over with, Bismillah! Remove the stickers, girl! Come on, lady. No way. Greetings, traveler! What road is this? It’s a red apple, of course! Master, have you witnessed Kosses’ delight? What a thrill to send troops against Osman! Nikola, you will not accept Kosses’ invitation.

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