Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 In Urdu Subtitles by Makkitv

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 With Urdu Subtitles A Muslim should not have two loves, just as there are no two hearts in his body. Some people dismiss the I hear prayer statement. Some people do not perform the morning prayer before opening their shops. In my heart, embers fall! How can I be a Muslim and not affect others… I’m in a lot of pain. Who can speak better than someone who urges people to Allah’s way, accomplishes good actions, and declares, “I am a Muslim?” says my Lord, my spirits. I follow the Islamic faith.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 (Urdu)

May my Lord bestow upon us the honour of being Muslims and his dignity and grace at that moment. My sheikh says, “Amen.” Amine! Yes, Amine! Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 (Urdu) Child. Is your tent shattered, kid? He eats as well… – Regards. Sir, here is your order. In any case, he remained silent. Where did you obtain that, Osman? He cast his vote for Barkin. To avoid being fitna. With his manner, he even expresses what he knows. Malhun, his predicament makes him feel embarrassed as well. Keep an eye on him; Barkin has already narrowed his focus on him. Sir, you have the order. Whose shadow was cast by Ibrahim Fakih? Who was he with? Let’s see. My Bey, Barkn, was enthralled by their conversation.

They were always together in my sight.

Who else was there when he got married? Sir, no one else was important. After he got out of the oba, what did he do? Nothing along the way, sir, raised any suspicions. But… He lost his way as he approached negöl. What are you after, Ibrahim Fakih? Saltuk, go ahead and exit. And nothing happens unless we want it to. Lands, castles, and even towns are passed down through the generations in the Western world.
In contrast, like a westerner, you will be the ruler of two tribes through marriage. Both Umur Bey and Ivaz Bey wished for a gentleman like me to rule their tribes. Isn’t that the case? Mr. Barkn, do you know if there’s a Destur? Husamettin, come on over. Sir, I regret to inform you that I have some bad news. Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 (Urdu)

Turgut will not be able to ruin my game simply because he is enraged.

He’s blind, after all. Anyone who messes with my game, even if he is Osman’s foe, will drown in my darkness! What brought Barkn and Brahim Fakih together so frequently? The two words conversed, and the faqih performed his marriage. He set up a toy and sat on the gentleman’s coat while he wasn’t in the office. Malhun, who stands to gain from the disease? To Barkn, who wishes to sit in the mail without being bothered by anyone. Is it true, sir, that he did? Is this a game? Selvi, what’s your opinion? Isn’t it also cypress? – We’ll see what happens. All of them will be taught to us.

They pay attention to their men’s words.

My Cerkutay is now complete. Is it okay if I bring you another pot? My tooth cavity is not filled with that soup I drank, Aygül. Let’s prepare and eat some meaty bulgur. Did you already do it? Of course, the insane woman is aware of her husband. Bay. Bay. – He’s completely devoid of anything! You didn’t leave any food, Cerkutay, and we haven’t eaten in the tent since the evening! Get up and plan your next move if you can’t get enough! Lets! I’m working! Also, don’t forget to set the table! Ah! Do you ever pity your spouse? Would you refuse to give me a stone? A tablespoon of honey isn’t enough, and I told Mother Selcan; that we need a hive. Allow Cerkutay to handle the situation now. Oh, you crazy lady!

But, Mr. Turgut, I’d like to come to an arrangement.

Thank you for taking a seat. Mr. Turgut, you’ve got to be kidding me. I’m not sure why I’d want to murder him. If I wanted to kill Mari, why would I wait so long? Please, Turgut, Relax. Would I keep Mari alive if I had even the slightest involvement in her death? Please. Mr. Turgut, you have my permission. At the very least, hear what’s going on. I propose that negöl and I split the Harmankaya market. While you are using the negöl market, I guarantee you that neither your property nor your life will be threatened or endangered.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 (Urdu)

Here you go, if you have any doubts. Both parties benefit significantly from shared market use. Of course, once commodities and lives are safe, all traders will rush to our markets. If you accept my terms, Kosses, all of this will occur if you stick to my rules… negöl! Turgut Bey, the Inegol market is a fantastic chance for you, and Turkmens will no longer be at the whim of Osman’s ego. Isn’t that the case? Every chance you mention, the gentleman will take care of.

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