Teskilat Season Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles by Madnitv

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 22 In Urdu Mari, what trade are you referring to? We reached a deal with the Tekfurs to eliminate Osman! You continue to say trade! I’m also making my own game! What are your plans? I haven’t said everything I have to say! My word has been fulfilled! I’m going hunting if you’re curious. You have no idea! Best of luck. Thanks. Are you aware of Aygül Hatun’s whereabouts? What do you mean, insane? I’ve arrived. No. I’m referring to Aygül Hatun, who wields a sword, shoots arrows, and knocks down seven privates all by herself. What exactly are you referring to? That dagger has no power over me.

Your dagger looks haven’t killed me in a long time.

Crazy woman. Do you mean Essah? Something would happen if I handed this on to you. What would occur? Something. Cerkutay, how about it? If you can’t tell, why are you staring at me here, Cerkutay, if you can’t tell? Please stay out of my path! Either way, something would happen. Time will turn for the one whose heart burns with love, but his mouth will not. Willow. Our heavenly Prophet, from the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa… Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam, his name is wonderful, he is beautiful.

One of the gates of mercy was the Prophet Jesus, who arrived before him.

One of the heavenly gates But one of his apostles, Judas, had betrayed Jesus despite being close to him. Judas’s betrayal of Jesus was motivated by a few worldly considerations. He’d succumbed to his vanity to the point that his paradise had been reduced to a handful of riches. But God Almighty chose Judah to be the king. In Surah Nisa, what does it say? They used Allah’s ability to make someone seem like Jesus, and they confused him for Jesus and crucified him. God raised Jesus to Himself before they were crucified. As a result, they didn’t kill or hang Jesus.

Episode 23   

On the other hand, the ones they slaughtered were portrayed as Jesus.

You are correct in saying that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. You are, however, greatly incorrect in believing that he was crucified instead. A herd of pigs was going by. What were you looking for? Please be quiet! Stupid scumbags! You’ll be staying here. It originates from this location. Come along with me. Please. My words are not mine, and I may be mistaken. But, pastor, if you want to debate, I won’t turn you down. My Sheikh, with your permission. Bahadur Alp in particular. After all, you’re looking at more Alps than a dervish. To be Alpine, Osman Bey? Like any Kay Alp, eye Efendi, the wrestler Dervish is devoted to the Lord. Thanks. Pastor, you bounced back swiftly. I noticed you. I appreciate it. Yes, I’m perfectly alright. Lord, pastor.

This cross is more valuable than your life.

It is then our responsibility to properly preserve it. Don’t be concerned. I’d like for you to go somewhere. Can you speak with me openly, Osman Bey? Kestel is a settlement on the outskirts of the city. It is linked to the Tekfur negöl. The villagers are all Orthodox Christians. Their situation, however, is dire. They grab whatever they have in their hands in the name of taxation. What can I do to assist them? Osman Bey, I couldn’t even defend myself.

Teskilat Season Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles by Mahertv

The pastor, indeed. I want children to understand that truth always triumphs against oppression. Teskilat 22nd Season Urdu Subtitles I’m going to that village. Let’s get the short preparations begun. Turgut, Mr. It is necessary to pour out the poison. No. Hold on. Patience is a virtue.

Hold on. Are you feeling better? I’m perfectly fine.

But anytime I see a snake, I immediately think of you. You’ve entered a snake den. You haven’t received any information. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Cornelia! Cornelia! You’ve traveled a long way. You owe me a second chance—byzantine splendor. Being in debt bothers me. We’ll be level. Are you all right, sir? QasLncb1q8Zx6MPD, I’m perfectly fine. 21st episode

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