Teskilat Season Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 23 Subtitles in Urdu That’s something I’m not sure of. I have no idea who it is either. But, Nicola, we agree that no one at this table is. What are your thoughts, Rogatus? In the province of Bithynia. Nothing can ever be guaranteed from any source. All I can think about is that. The cuisine was excellent. Teskilat Season 23 Subtitles in Urdu, but I have to leave. See you later. Ahh! Ahh! We need to get him out of your arm as quickly as possible, Master Gregor. Your wound is worsening. Andreas, not without getting out of here first. We won’t be able to get it out until we’ve established our safety. Master Gregor, no one knows when your captivity will end.

It appears that we will be remaining here for quite some time.

We can’t get our heads out of here because Ottoman priests are everywhere.We have no way of informing Rogatus. Andreas, you are incorrect. Osman is a wise individual. He is well-versed in the Emperor’s policy and Byzantium’s shortcomings. He seemed to have chosen the appropriate steps to take. He’s using me to inflame the divide between Catholics and Orthodox Christians. As a result of this,

It’s not going to work to keep us like this all the time.

Is any good for you? Osman’s policies will pave the road to Rogatus Andreas. Osman Bey…… The timer has expired. As the evening approaches, Rogatus is unlikely to appear. Teskilat Season 23 Subtitles in Urdu Isn’t it obvious who our unseen foe is? It’s true what you said. Rogatus turned down our invitation. It makes people suspicious If he does not appear. We’re off. Then we’ll understand. Is it a result of fear? Or out of remorse? So, with your permission. Brother, hold on. Sir, here it is. Will you check out my profile?

Episode 24   

This is not the Day of Judgment. the day has arrived

The day of unification has here. I’d rather not drive alone. With unity, mistakes may be compensated for. Isn’t that correct, sir? Huh… Mr Nicola was a lot of fun. It’s elegant. But, like all men, it is on the verge of falling into the trap. Cornea, you should have seen how you stared me in the eyes. I’m sure he fell in love with you when he saw you. It was very clear. Because he kidnapped me, I can’t even picture what he’ll do to Turgut. Sir. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d want to ask you a question. Of course, you are free to inquire. But hold on. Aren’t you curious as to what I want from Nicola? His strength is what I need from others. First, I’d want to play a quick game.

And then manipulate it with my hands like a puppet.

Like a puppet that will follow my commands. You are free to leave. Turgut, oh, Turgut. After your Alps, you’ll pay for taking me. Is there any word on Bogatus, brother? Osman Bey, none? Then we’ll leave. The Alps! It had to be something important for Koses to show up unexpectedly. His troops’ fingertips have arrived to demand an accounting from him. – Pull open! My lord, Koses’ warriors, have arrived. What happened to Tekfur Koses? What made him send you? Have you not heard? Is your tongue kosher, or are you deaf? Bogatus! I accepted your invitation,

Teskilat Season Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles by ATV

Ladies, mind your own business! Lets! What exactly is going on? What are your names? Gonca Hatun, they’re Kzlcabey chicks. They were here to make rugs. What are your thoughts, Gokce? Could you take a look at me, girl? You’re about to make a tremendous splash! Bala Hatun was not interested in this position. What was your motivation for serving these ladies? It’s not mine. Order of Malhun Hatun Say something to him if you have something to say. Bala Hatun decides the layout of this location. He is Kilimhane’s commander! Malhun addressed Hatun’s inquiry that day, as you heard. Tell the ladies to return to their tribes.

The woman next to me owns these stars.

Hatun Gonca Gökçe Kz and the ladies have arrived at my request. Please let me know if you have anything to say. Oh, perseverance! – Ladies, best of luck. – Thanks. You’re not going to turn my face black. Don’t be concerned–patience! What happened, Gonca? So, what exactly are you waiting for? Malhun Hatun enlisted the help of women from her tribe to create the rugs. On their heads, he placed Gökçe’s daughter. Bala Hatun, what shall we do now? Osman Bey, the lords of Bilecik are well-known. They can imitate the shields wielded by Harmankaya troops.

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