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The Affordable Care Act & Health Insurance Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act & Health Insurance Marketplace.

So, what is the Affordable Care Act, exactly? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010 as a healthcare reform law. It’s also known as Obamacare, ACA (ah-Kah), or the A-C-A. You can also use the federal government’s health insurance marketplace to look for a plan and enrol online.


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Health insurance marketplace 2022

You can use the health insurance marketplace to browse for a plan as long as you: live in the United States, Are a United States citizen, or have valid immigration status but do not have Medicare coverage So, what exactly does the A-C-A entail? Every A-C-A plan covers essential health benefits. Hospitalization, pediatric services, mental and behavioural health, preventive care or wellness, emergency care, laboratory services, prescription drugs, doctor’s office visits, rehabilitation treatment, and other benefits.

Much preventative health care is included in A-C-A plans at no additional cost.

Your doctor’s office shouldn’t charge you for these preventive services. When you join an A-C-A health plan, you can get two financial assistance. The first is referred to as a subsidy. A subsidy reduces your pay each month for your plan’s bill. Your household income determines the amount you receive, the number of dependents you have, and your location.

A cost-share decrease is the other sort of financial assistance.

Cost-sharing reductions help you pay less when you see the doctor, fill a prescription, or seek other healthcare services. You must enrol in a Silver plan and fulfil certain household income limits to be eligible for a cost-share reduction. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, most people who qualify for an A-C-A plan are also eligible for financial aid to help pay their monthly expenses.

The Affordable Care Act & Health Insurance Marketplace

If you choose, you can get the tax credit at the end of the year rather than utilise it to pay your monthly cost. If you opt to apply your financial aid to your monthly payments, it works. Your financial support (also known as a subsidy) is sent to your health insurance company by the government. Your health insurance company will use the money to pay your monthly charge. They’ll only send you a bill for what you still owe after that. For example, if your insurance is $950 per month and your subsidy is $925, your monthly charge will only be $25.

Your financial aid may cover the entire cost of your health plan in some situations,

meaning you won’t have to pay anything extra to your health insurance carrier each month. You can purchase an A-C-A plan at two different times. Each November, you can sign up for a new health plan for the next year. You can join up for the first time or switch to a different plan if you don’t like the one you’re on now during open enrollment.

The A-C-A Marketplace’s Open Enrollment period begins on

November 1 and normally ends on December 15. However, the government may extend the deadline. You can also enrol in a health plan within 60 days of a significant life change, regardless of the season. This can include having a child, getting married or divorced, relocating to a new county, or losing your employer-provided health insurance.

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