The Destan series is going well, but the ratings give a different message!

The outcomes of the third episode should please ATV,

which shows the Destan series on Tuesday evenings… The series, in which Ebru Sahin played the lead, drew a lot of attention in our country and around the world. It draws attention to the spectacular plateau developed for the eighth-century plot of the series.

Aside from Ebru Sahin,

the series’ quality production, featuring Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar, was also a factor in the high ratings. Ebru Sahin’s role as a female warrior, which changed the course of Turkish television, deserves to be discussed extensively.

It is vital to call attention to a message conveyed by the ratings for Destan’s third episode. Destan is an excellent effort that appealed to a wide range of people. The scores in this area and the first place ranking that has been in effect for three weeks are also vital signs of success.

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However, it’s perplexing that the series garnered such low ratings in the EU category, i.e., in this audience segment with a higher level of education. Although the Destan series outperformed the EU average, it did not become as popular among all individuals.

The third episode of the series came in fifth place in the EU on the day. It’s worth noting that the series, which also had strong ratings on ABC1, came in second in this category on the day.

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