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Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Mlazkrat How long have I anticipated this? Bala lady, do your best. Yaman was a bold choice. It was well-received. So you’re going to murder me? Wasn’t it you, Osman Bey, who said coma after trying everything? Lets! Let’s see what you’ve got. Why would someone with such eyes kill Pusat? Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles Those eyes are shields, not a Pusat. Mlazkrat Bey Osman He shields me from his black eyes’ brutality. At the soup kitchen, I met Aksu Hatundur.

She is quite ladylike, and her touch is deft;

she assisted Nikola hounds in their search for Turks to bite into. You don’t have to be concerned; I’ll add the Alps to you and proceed accordingly. I know you can disguise your hand’s condition, Bamsi, but I don’t want it to be heard. You are correct. You are correct. Then let’s travel together, Idris. Mr. Bamsi, if you arrive, I will not be afraid of anything. Thank you, but you should still keep your secrets. Let love reign supreme.
First and foremost, Allah, everything will be fine. Gunduz Bey mentioned a lucrative contract. And I wanted to hear it directly from you. So you had to pay the price.

Gold can be purchased at any price. What exactly are you looking for?

My pastures have grass. More pasture is required. In the winter, what did those sheep and goats give birth to? Let’s imagine you’re preparing for Nowruz. You look for pastures for new tribes just because they will arrive. Large herds make up the new tribes. Subtitles in Urdu for Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 Mlazkrat Why should I say yes to you simply because you would increase my power? You have three thousand gold. My animals get a terrific deal on the grass on my property. Let’s pretend I said yes. Do you think Nikola will save me if he hears about this? Then you will become Negöl’s Tekfur. I’ll support you as well.

You want me to turn against Nikola? So, how much does that cost?

There is no price that gold cannot purchase, as you and I both know. Osman, you’re amazing. Let’s see what Nikola says about this meeting when he learns about it. So you were planning on singing like a nightingale at Nikola’s? You now resemble a dog about to bite its owner. In three days, come here. I’ll inform you of my decision. He is so terrified of Nikola that he intends to sell me and improve his image. He asked me into his trap three days later. Koyunhisar’s tekfur was missing. Next Sir? He was aware that the Turks had been invited to Söüt.

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles was also known at the time.

Sir, Mlazkrat, your intention. We haven’t finished with Yorgo yet. In Oba, Yorgo will hand over the head of the traitor. We’ll sow discord among the Tekfurs that they’ll be unable to catch us by fighting among themselves. Sir, here it is. Yavlak Hasan is waiting for you. Discuss the upcoming meeting. We don’t have time to waste. It’s time to make the death knights puke blood. Sir, the order is yours. Honeysuckle trap! Damn! Chick from Akca! Take on the Alps! Trap! Allow Akça Hatun to reach the oba swiftly and inform you! Targum…

The jackals have set up an ambush, whatever it is.

Bamsi! Bamsi is insane! Tekfur is insane! Do you know what happens to the old deer that quits the herd where I’ve lived? Now you know what makes me happy. When I visit my Hakki, I shall not leave empty-handed. They took a hand, to speak of. I’ll take your other hand as well. We’ll see what happens. So, older adult, are you coming on your own two feet and kneeling, or are you being forced? It would be best if you were standing behind me. Get it if you have the heart. That concludes it.

Subtitles in Urdu for Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 Mlazkrat The old plane tree was overthrown by the Pope’s spy in the Kay tribe? Oh, my God. How many have Bamsi Bey fled so that Osman Bey can arrive? Take it! So, what exactly did you do? Don’t worry, and you’re not going to die. I was working on the sculpture at the time. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles

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