Tozkopran Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 19 By Makkitv

He is escaping the fox, the snake that strikes in these lands, in Tozkopran Episode 19. I know where Umur Bey is, too. Where? You’ll know where Black Shaman Togay is if he agrees with me. Both Togay and I understand why the Turks are moving westward. I found out who Osman is and that he possesses the Turkmen settlement documentation. What do you expect in exchange? I have a common foe with Geyhatu.

I promise Togay the Omur’s passion in exchange for Osman’s skull. No. It’s my nephew.

Vote. No! Sir! I have one last wish for you, veteran: please do not die. Please don’t! Sir! Brother, what happened to him? I’ll tell you what I’m talking about, bro. It’s my son! It’s my son! Sir! No! Lena! Lets! Do not close your eyes! You are unable to leave! Lena! Come on, lend a hand to the Alps! and to the people, we have the most faith in. What are your thoughts, Malhun lady? Didn’t you hear that, except his lords, no one else knew he was going to war? Is it reasonable for the prosecutor to suspect the gentleman? Is it maybe from Dundar Bey?

Prepare the quick-healing tent!

You’re taking the injured Alps! Let’s get this party started! Don’t move your hands! Osman does not exist. Thank goodness Aygul has returned. Bayhoca, my Bayhoca! I’m leaving, Mom. You are unable to travel. Allow Lena to remember her baby Lena! Come on, mountains! Carry the injured people! Hold on, kid! Let’s get the speedy healing tent ready, ladies! Don’t move your hands! Let’s set up the fast-healing tent! It’s my nephew! You’ll live if you only open your eyes! Episode 19 of Tozkopran I won’t abandon you if you open your eyes, Bayhoca! I’m not going to leave you open-eyed! I will not allow you to open your eyes!

Keep your cool, nephew! Bayho, I’m not letting you go! Mr. Dundar, what are you waiting for?

Take care of the injured people. Bring a clean cloth with you! Oh, my gonca! Bud! Gonca, don’t pull the cloth; instead, push it against the wound. Please hold on. Hopefully, come on, bring it immediately. I’ll cauterize the wound. How did you end up being ambushed? They had foresight into our future. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, It’s not going to stop, it’s not going to stop! My prosecutor’s blood never stops flowing! No, hold your horses, son! Please don’t close your eyes; instead, open them! Keep your eyes open! Son! Episode 19 of Tozkopran

Episode 20   

Please, hold on, my lion. Hold on, my brave!

Don’t let us go like this, son! Let’s open your eyes! Everything has been learned by my lord Nikola. They ambushed us and shot Bayhoca. What happened to the others, and where are they now? What happened to Osman Bey? We were caught off guard. There are martyrs and even wounded among us. All of that dread isn’t going to save you from death. Osman Bey will undoubtedly witness the violent reckoning of both Nikola and Flatyos. So Osman Bey and his alps went to complete the task, huh? It will not return till the job is completed. I understand. Don’t be concerned.

My issue is that he isn’t after those two degenerates.

I’m concerned about the last word spoken by the Potter Idris dog before it dies. What kind of dog do you have? I’ll say it all, and I’ll say it all, I’ll say it all. Those seeking treason are the ones closest to you, Osman Bey. What exactly are you talking about, babe? Dris nin warned Osman Bey to be wary of his closest foe.
Even the Alps are unsure of where they are and whose battle they are pursuing. Do not be concerned about Osman Bey. It teaches us not to trust anyone, according to my father. Episode 18 of Tozkopran

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