Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitle

Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitle by Mubitv

Tozkopran Episode 25 with Urdu Subtitle. We’re not going to announce our Lord here. Let’s get started now. Greetings. Bro, they didn’t show up. I hope they get it. Hopefully, come on, now. I’ll show you how to be in this state, Osman Bey. I’ll show you. Tell me how to demonstrate it as well. Mr. Dundar, I’ll be happy as well. I’m going to be the gentleman today. How? What are your thoughts, Mr. Dundar? What’s the plan here? So, what exactly did you do? Is there any destur, Sir? Saltuk, come on. Sir, I carried out your instructions. Let me know what you’re up to, and make sure Hazal Hatun hears it. Come on, now. I delivered the gold to the gentlemen as you requested.

They said they’d use your ratings today.

Saltuk, get out of here! Come on, now. What exactly did you do, Sir? This is not the Prosecutor’s job, babe. I’ll play the gentleman. Congratulations to your principality, my lion, my erim, and the post of my tent. I’ll be waiting for your response. Please, Lord, reveal that moment to me. Makkitv’s Tozkoparan With Urdu Subtitles Dundar Bey, oh, oh, oh, o Is everything ready for the Alps? Have you completed your homework? We did it, Sir, we did it. There is, however, new information. Mr. Dundar purchased three gentlemen to vote in the toy. Sir, I purchased it with gold. He desired their support. Emmi. As a result, the Prosecutor also deceived my brother. Where did you get your information?

Saltuk doesn’t hesitate to say, “Brother, I have a lot of work for you.”

He has, however, long since stopped acting like a Kay Bey. Come on, Saltuk brother. What did Dundar Bey accomplish? He asked me to give the gentlemen gold. They’ll go with Toyda Dündar Bey. Except for the blacksmith, all of the gentlemen were purchased. Take a look at Dundar Bey, for example. Take a look at Dundar Bey, for example. Thanks a lot, bro. You may now depart. Tozkopran Episode 25 in Urdu Don’t speak to anyone. We’ll tell Osman Bey what he needs to know. Is that what he said? However, it will be understood that Saltuk has reported at that time. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 26   

Since then, Sir, let us move on to the gentlemen who purchased the gold.

Let’s stomp on them. Oh Ganja, I love you. Put an end to it. Don’t be hurried. We’re not going to solve this with rage; instead, we’ll use logic. Is there any destur, Sir? Come on, and he begs to come to us. Allow it to flow. Cerkutay, what are you doing here for your birthday? It’ll be a disaster if they don’t pick you. I was under the impression that I required a man. What if they go with Mr. Then I imagined it would be a feast. So, how are you, alps? Nobody knows who will be on whose side except Allah. Consider a solution from time to time. Sir, the order is yours to fill. Tozkopran Episode 25 in Urdu Brother, welcome on board.

Makkitv Melik bin Abdullah’s Tozkoparan with Urdu Subtitles Thank you very much.

Potter Idris, with whom I will do business, has to be you. Yes, that is correct. I’ve put your men up in the inn. Thank you for their comfort, pleasure, and joy. Beautiful. We stopped by Erturul Gazi’s grave and read a Fatiha. Accept Allah’s blessings. Mr. Osman was also present at the time. The truth was revealed when the doors were shut. Allow the light to shine. God commanded that might be created, and the light was created. Strong and liberated. Bless you, brother David, for waking up from your slumber.

I awoke on the Pope’s, Master Peter’s, wings.

How did you persuade Osman Bey that you were an old friend of his father? He was sceptical at first. To deceive us, he provided false information. (When you arrived in Söüt, the Mongols raided your caravan.) And who were the attackers on your caravan when Erturul rescued you and this lame? Mongols? Tekfur Vasilius and his mercenaries And you, too,

Makkitv’s Tozkoparan With Urdu Subtitles,

I believe Erturul entrusted his plans, his best friend, and his brother to someone he remembered just before he died. He may be hidden what you’re looking for. Who? Bamsi. Mr. Bamsi, I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Bamsi. When Erturul became ill, Bams went missing for a long time. It appeared out of nowhere one day. But he continued to leave the camp in secret. Were you able to figure out where he went? On the slopes of Mount Abdalan, he always lost his track. O, veteran sultan! Your relics can be found here. Your relics can be found here. As if it were yesterday, I recall your words. Tozkopran Episode 24 in Urdu

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