Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitle

Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitle By Makkitv

Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitle If my father shrinks the item, he sends it in the appropriate size. Don’t be concerned. Mom, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Is there no one who can assist you? Is Alişar Bey, on the other hand, appropriate for a gentleman like you? Assist mama in getting home. Is there anyone else out there like you? A brain without the people’s tranquillity is nothing. It can’t even be faithful. Mother, don’t forget about your blessing—God’s blessings on you.

Please pay attention to me! Then, at noon, meals will be provided.

It will be distributed on the market to the underprivileged. Bala Hatun, be a Sunday. Mashallah, thank you Alişar Bey. You’ve poured numerous beautiful things with your hands once more. Bala Hatun, even your smile is a blessing to me. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please You choose to disregard it. However, you are aware of my feelings. Episode 26 of Tozkopran with Urdu Subtitles I’d like to crown you sultan of my heart’s palace. I was stuck in the world’s most beautiful issue. But it’s good to be ruined by your hand. He refuses to agree. But I’ll be patient—a grin. Take a look. In my garden, Vuslat will be the seed of hope.

You made it difficult for yourself. Mr. Alişar is a Turkish national.

The rose of the garden is not called without permission. Bala Hatun, I’ll wait. While I wait, I repeat. O divine face! I’m so preoccupied with you that I can’t remember who I am. Mr. Alişar, you’ve crossed the line. It’s not going to work! I’ve said everything I’m going to say, and I’m not going to say anything else. We broke Gündüz’s arm and wing on the order of Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitle. He’s already arrived at the camp. Let’s leave now and say our goodbyes. Let’s say Alişar Bey is a bad guy. Allow them to recall it vividly. Osman. This person is the antichrist. He tossed me into Alişar’s clutches.

Episode 27   

Yannis, we invaded Alişar Bey’s head and learned that he would not abandon this assignment.

He will put us first in all of his decisions from now on. The balances are delicate, and even the tiniest portion matters. From now on, Yannis will do fine computations and provide us with information for Mr. Alişar. All roads will reach Apdül. Aleykum aleykum aleykum aleykum aleykum And salutations, alaikum. For the sake of God, you are feared. You were the one who dug the mountain. Algae do not develop in flowing water. It’s not Osman Bey’s style to flow. It is permissible to cascade, insha’Allah.

Brothers, we’re just getting started.

Hopefully, we will be able to demolish any dam we come across. Are you starving, my lion? We Shoulder to Shoulder No one can stand against us as long as we stand back. When Alişar Bey arrives, he is on his way to the camp. If you think about it, he’ll improve his reputation. What’s the state of affairs, honey? He has a sluggish heartbeat. I didn’t say anything to Ayşe Hatun, but she’s in poor shape.

My Bey, Alişar Bey Tozkopran Episode 26 with Urdu Subtitle

came to our camp with his soldiers, so I took out all four arrows. He’s thinking of Alişar Bey. He’ll make an effort to intimidate the Kays. When Dundar Bey learns that we stole the gold, he will be furious. Emmie’s devotion to the apricot is unwavering. His caution, on the other hand, is inadequate. He is unable to look further. He’ll conclude that we’re likewise haram. But, sir, it’s not right. Episode 17 of Kurtulus

He is unaware that the gold was obtained from the Mongols. Alişar Bey, on the other hand, is a Mongolian dog, which he is aware of. So that the order doesn’t get thrown off, Obedience is also adamant. We’ll take on the filthy traps one by one.

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