Tozkopran Season 2 Episode 29 With Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Season 2 Episode 29 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Season 2 Episode 29 (Urdu Subtitles) of Tozkopran This intelligence is incorrect. No, my love has ended; I’ve arrived; why don’t you tell me a story? I struck an agreement with you. I paid and was successful. You have triumphed. You were defeated. But you also believe that Okan has gone to Alanya; therefore, bring your spirit here, or you will return impoverished. Thank you so much for everything. Season 2 Episode 29 (Urdu Subtitles) of Tozkopran

Thank you very much. He will be a white-bearded grandfather,

And we will live a long life, I hope, amen. I am pleasant tongues like honey to the lad alcohol wheat is abundance or abundance is never lacking Amin. Oh, how icy it is. If you subscribe to Sercan, I will be doubly happy. My kid is correct in her assessment of lahmacun. I’m also fine with only one heart odour since he set up his home and left, hey,

Let’s see, and there’s some heat there. How are you doing?

Be cautious; he will not enter the most difficult battle if he loses a loved one. I even argue that this is the biggest hunt ever because the Anatolian Turks’ property has been shattered into a thousand pieces, the world of Islam, the Shiite Sunni world, are strangling each other, and as a result, they should not be one if we break up. Season 2 Episode 29 (Urdu Subtitles) of Tozkopran They’ll vanish as well, which is a good thing.

Episode 30   

They will not take this medicine, our lovely people;

they will suffer through these restless nights with them. They’ll pay a high price for their blood, but if I move, they’ll flee. So that your heart and thoughts are empty, subscribe to Yigit Osman. The string will arrive many years with Allah’s grace, surprise, and enemies. Still, I hope things and other food do not perish subscription, and those lovers will not perish, my loves, subscribe, o I do not perish, sister, and do not perish simply because of this, don’t be a vote, mashallah, we will prevail. Because I’m healed in that way, it won’t leave. The juice of these boiled plants will always be consumed.

Thank you kindly.

Hello, I hope you’re doing well. Oh, I’ve come across such a phrase. This is significant news, Rabbi Ya Rabbi. Gökçe has a 3D trick under his sleeve. What is this significant artist’s name? While talking gold, Vallaha Tuna Gonca said, “Subscribe to this.” Vallahi Hatun passed away in the United Kingdom.

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