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Valley of the Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi Vatan)

Valley of the Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi Vatan)

Valley of the Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi Vatan) In the enemy’s country, if they treat you badly, drink it first, according to Genghis Khan’s law. Death’s sherbet will undoubtedly be consumed. Sister-in-law! No way! Enough! What occurs on the ground is not visible to me. My slope is off-limits to anyone with a claw. Sky-eyed centipede, what do you believe you are?

Selcan Hatun, for example. You’ll slay it! Braves,

souls The project is finished. The Pusat have taken over the world. Will we be patient until Osman Bey arrives? We wait, but the opponent does not, my lovely kid. Bala Hatun is the only one who knows. Hatun-Gonca This is going to be a tough fight. Sheikh Edebal is informed. Wolves’ Valley (Kurtlar Vadisi Vatan) Tell him. They are veterans if Kay’s soldiers remain. He’ll become a martyr if they’re brave. Could you keep this information from us? You have it.

My nefariousness makes you squint. See what it’s like to hold our redhead in custody.

Enough! Is your strength sufficient to take on a rogue female dog? Balgay! Don’t you get it? I’ve said enough. Father! Help us, Day, my God. Father, leave me alone! Head of a shepherd Who will herd the goats if you die as well? Leave it alone. Today is the day for the ahis to return to the Gazans. Tell me everything about my father’s thesis. Joyful? Those planets’ fires have gone out. I’m going to stay here. Believe in God. Wolves’ Valley (Kurtlar Vadisi Vatan) Gonca, you as well. He must not die like a bug, honorable adversaries.

Osman According to Mongolian customs, their ancestors are Oguz Khan Khan lords.

So that their blood does not spill on the ground, goats are caressed, and horseback riders are crushed. It is thought to be unlucky. Bring them together with the others. My child! Leave! I’ll also remove their wings. Dündar, the shepherd’s leader, will also be on the lookout. What happens to people who refuse to follow the Mongols? Everyone will be able to see. Allowing myself to die allows me to meet my Lord.

Allow me to die on my terms. Greetings, Mr. Day! Enough with the cruelty, Balgay! Please, gentlemen, don’t be. It’s now or never for martyrdom. It’s finally Doomsday time. All hail Allah. Tell their alps to take a break. Hug the luggage. Is being a mute devil in our family tradition? It’s time to become a martyr! Thank you, Allah! My Osman is sufficient.

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